Jharana Bajracharya Starts Meditation Classes

J's Meditation

Actress and model Jharana Bajracharya has started her own meditation classes in Kathmandu. The hour-long sessions take place three times a week at the Vajra Hotel in Bijeswori area of Kathmandu. Titled ‘J’s Meditation – discover the space within’, the sessions are instructed by Jharana herself and her mother Lalana Bajracharya. Jharana’s mum is a trained healer and holds the Grandmaster Degree from the Reiki Healing Foundation, New Delhi. Jharana has shared her interest in spirituality and meditation many times before. In 2011, the actress completed an extensive five-month long retreat a the Amaravati and Chhitaviveka monasteries in England. Apart from that I believe she’s done a lot within the Nepalese spiritual community.

Jharana Bajracharya Antardristi

There are great benefits of meditation. Stress, anxiety, hypertension, fear, anger, worry, irritable bowel syndrome, negative attitude, etc, all are the outcome of unbalanced, disturbed, and un-peaceful mind. We’re only two days into the New Year, so if you’ve been thinking about “New You” then why not try an hour of J’s Meditation. The introductory offer price currently stands at Nrs 500 per person per session. Nrs 5 from each session costs goes towards Antardristi Nepal, an organisation working in the field of mental health with aims to empower youth and children to overcome various psychological problems and lead healthy lives.

This totally explains why Jharana has been looking so radiant and beautiful these days.

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