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The IRISH PUB in Lazimpat has recently been taken over by an enthusiastic team of Nepali entrepreneurs and boy does it look happening! This is one place where I want to get drunk, joking #notjoking I wonder if they do a nice Fish & Chips there, if they don’t then maybe it’s time to quickly add it on the menu. The decor, the colour and the style seems very consistent. I haven’t been to the pub in Lazimpat, if you guys have then please do share your experience by posting a comment below. One thing that definitely caught my attention was that rather tall drink! What is that beautiful thing? I.NEED.ONE.


Irish Pub Nepal 5
You never know who might be performing’

Check out the outside interior! How amusing.

Totally Instagram material.
Totally Instagram material.

Will totally be potating at the pub 😉

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  1. I used to go to this place back in 2010 when they had free karaoke nights. The ambience is very pub-ish, food and drinks excellent, relatively pricey but definitely worth it. I hope the new owners re-introduce the karaoke nights.

  2. Ooh i do want to go there when im in ktm next . hope the drinks r diverse and iv already heard about the mustang aludam from my friends so ya will be defo trying them! Thanks for the informative post lexy !

  3. Shit management, Expensive menu and shit service according to the value add. I thought they have Draught but aint even got a chilled beer !! sick

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