Ramri Alert – Anisa Gurung

Anisa Gurung Ramri Alert 2

Anisa Gurung Ramri Alert 3

Photo Courtesy - Laima Dance
Photo Courtesy – Laima Dance

She’s the very first Nepali face from the UK on Ramri Alert!

Here is the stunning Anisa Gurung. The twenty-one year old has previously taken part in the Mr and Miss Top Model UK Nepal pageant back in 2011. She also won the titles for the Public Choice Award and Best Muskan. Although Anisa is back to full-time education studying business management and taking part in an air cabin crew course, she is still drawn by the world of fashion and modelling. I am so impressed with these photos, many of them taken by Laima Dance. Unfortunately, we do not really have a thriving Nepali fashion scene in the UK, however if locations were swapped then I’m confident that this twenty-one year old would be a known face in the Kathmandu fashion scene.

Photographer: Laima Dance
Make Up: Laura Vevera
Support: Omiey Gurung

Photo by Laima Dance
Photo by Laima Dance

Photo by Laima Dance
Photo by Laima Dance

PS. RamriAlert and ThitoAlert are pretty much all of my personal choices. Feel free to recommend though @lexlimbu

#PS. Since the photos are literally on fire, it just make sense to share the song below #relevant

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  1. average looking nothing special or beauty there are too many chimse and dalle fugly Mongolian people so if some eyes lip are wide long they get the pretty badge lol stupid ugly mongolians

    • @ram khadka – what a retarded racist thought you have! just shows what kind of low class person you are! and guess we all know who are stupid one is here… dunnoe why ppl keep bringing caste in everything..dumbasses!! and anisa , you are very beutiful hun, you are gonna go long way! good luck for your future x

    • I would love to cuss you out, but since it’s obvious who is the mature one. I think I will just kill you in my mind as many times as I can. Thank you for listening, Sir!

    • @ram khadka, you again, is there any need to be racist? I’m not mongolian myself, but I’m not judgemental on what people look like, is it our fault what we look like? I have much to say, but it’s not worth my effort, people like you don’t deserve publicity. Anisa Gurung, keep doing what you’re doing. Peace.

  2. @ram khadka ‘chimse dalle ugly mongolian’ wtf! Boy you better look like a freaking Calvin Klein model before you diss someone as beautiful as Anisa. Low class and narrow minded. Not a good trait.

  3. Typical Nepalese cunts. Does it matter if shes beautiful or not? Everyones got their own opinion. Try and keep it to yourself. If you like her you like her if you dont you dont simple as that. Why make a big deal out of it. Either be in or out of the country cant stop pointing fingers at each other can we? Dear lord when are we going to learn.

  4. She is so pretty…my future wifey!!Anyways Khadka,are you mad,even though I am not Mongolia I think we should respect each other…anyways Khadka needs a slap in his face….joker

  5. Thank you lex hero 🙂 for mentioning beautiful Anisa Gurung in ramri alert, she totally deserves it :). I am very glad that out hard work paid off with an incredible pictures.

    Ps: @ram khadkha i can’t even look at your comment without wanting to slap you. Grow up chav!

    • i wished this guy had more sense then ram khadka. Hes stupid as fuck. no different than that idiot. Racist bastards !

      • Totally agree with the poster above, being racist to another racist makes you even more shallower, use some intelligence.

        • well i would have considered you much wiser if you hadn’t been so hard on that guy (Bijay). Are you serious Mr. I KNOW IT ALL. And When the fuck was i being racist. You need to stop being so negative. I would much appreciate if you read my comment more carefully. Like you said sorry for the language but you really need to shove it up your arse. No hard feelings aye?

  6. Bro lex this for u as i m a big fan of your blog but u repeat the same thing only jhanra bhajrachara mate u must be a big fan of hers but not everyone so give us some current affair abt brahim and chettri as u know bro there are lots of bahun and chettri fans of yours not being rasist

    • @bijay – Are you actually for real? I’m sorry to say, you are being racist. I’m interested to know your age, if you claim to be the new younger generation (i.e. less than 35yrs old), freedom for all, equality etc. then your parents (or guardians) and your environment have done a good job of indoctrinating you to think a certain way. You need help.

      P.S. And what the f*ck is brahim and chettri news? I’m supposingly chettri myself, not even I know what that is, in fact I don’t even want to know. If you don’t like the news you’re seeing, go f*ck off and read nepalnews.com. Sorry for the language readers, but sometimes it is necessary.

      • You don’t need to get on high horses. He’s clearly mentioned not being racist and I don’t see him being racist either. I guess he also wants to see the other genre of Nepalese beauty which we don’t see much in Lex’s page. Maybe those kinda beauty hasn’t really caught Lex’s attention. Not Lex’s fault either.

        • @Nesporine, I appreciate what you’re saying, but I don’t think there is any intentional bias here. This is his blog, independent from any regulation, yes that can be abused, but from my observation, I don’t see the reason to raise the issue. If you don’t like it, then read another blog. So she’s hot, and has got involved in some interesting work and that’s it. I think the range of variety of articles and posts have been quite representative reflecting values way beyond race.

  7. Wow! She has everything that it takes to be a model. Love how well she has carried herself in those pose.

  8. Amazing pose, amazing body language , amazing expression. Loved this girl’s shots.She has okayish look but her poses are mind blowing. Would love love to she her in Nepali magazine’s coverpage if she continues give poses with sensuality. Never really noticed any other Nepali models with this much of sensuality.All the best.

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