Khukuri Beer Now Available in Europe And Japan

Khukuri Beer 1

The last couple of months has seen Khukuri Beer going global. The beer is now available in Luxembourg, Portugal, Finland and Japan. The company which has a strong presence in the UK has also supported various organisations and events in the past year including the Sahara UK football club, A Picnic in London concert and the GMIN UK London to Paris fundraiser. Khukuri Beer will also be turning ten this year, expect the company to get bigger and better. The beer which is a perfect match with a curry has even received the Gold Quality Award by Monde Selection in 2012. Khukuri Beer is available in Nepalese restaurants across the country and on that note, don’t forget to check out MONTYS restaurant as well. Montys and Khukuri Beer go hand in hand. For interested party-planners and restaurateurs, get in touch with the folks at Khukuri Beer for attractive offers and deals. The Khukuri experience is not to be missed.

Enjoy your weekend with Khukuri Beer!

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