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The first ever Walk For Nepal event will take place in London’s Richmond Park on July 27, 2013. The three mile walk is open to everyone from children to grandparents. Doing your bit to support a social organisation has never been so easy, all you have to do is walk. The walkathon program took place for the very first time in Boston back in 2011. Since then Walk for Nepal has travelled to several different cities including Dallas, Washington DC and New York. Next months event will be the very first Walk for Nepal in Europe and outside the US.

All you have to do is sign up by registering online for a fee of £10 and then choose one charity organisation that you wish to walk for (out of the six organisations that Walk for Nepal – London is associated with). The registration fee will go towards the Walk for Nepal admin fund. Your chosen charity will receive 80% of the amount that you will fundraise leaving behind the 20% of the amount to support various youth-innovation projects associated to Walk for Nepal Fund. To make things much more simple you can view the funding model below.


Eighty walkers have already registered for Walk for Nepal – London, make sure you register soon. It is easy for one to question the idea of paying to walk but please view it as an action that you are taking to support a social organisation doing their best to improve lives, bring awareness and empower people. If are you not too keen on fundraising then you can simply pay the registration fee and donate a further £10 etc to the charity of your choice. The charities associated with Walk for Nepal – London are GMIN UK, Help Nepal Network, Mukti UK, Live For Change, Heartbeat UK, Koseli and Naya Yuva.

Motto: “We walk to engage communities across the world to bring positive social change in Nepal. We walk together.  We walk for social causes.  We walk for Nepal.”

PS. All the associated orgs have been doing a wonderful job but my special vote goes to Live For Change (yep totally biased here).

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