The Gurkha Run (Doko Race) in UK This October


Yep you read that correct! The infamous Doko Race is the unique feature of The Gurkha Run which is set to take place in the Salisbury Plains (UK) on October 6, 2013. The brave souls who sign up for the Half-marathon and 10K race will have to carry the Doko with 75 lb of stones whilst running uphill. I guess being a Gurkha doesn’t come easy! The official charity partner for the run is The Gurkha Welfare Trust. You can sign up for the race on their official site now, it costs £20 for the 10K and £25 for the Half-marathon. Registration prices will increase at the near date of the event. The registration fee includes a race t-shirt, a medal and your honour.

Prepare yourself in advance for the Salisbury Plains as the route will take you through muddy conditions, deep water and high hills. The Gurkha Run sounds challenging but very adventurous. Do give it a thought guys and if you decide to take the plunge then I hope you support The Gurkha Welfare Trust (lol).

Official Website:

PS. There is so much that can be done with the Gurkhas and we are all seeing that now. From fitness programs like the Gurkha Fit to the Gurkha Run or having a book titled ‘The Gurkha’s Daughter’ to a docu-film ‘Who Will Be A Gurkha’, there is so much more coming our way. I wonder whats next!

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