Miss Nepal US Astha Shrestha Defends The Pageant

Miss Nepal US 2012 Astha Shrestha
Miss Nepal US 2012 Astha Shrestha

There’s only a week left till the grand finale of Miss Nepal US and what could be better than to have the current Miss Nepal US 2012 Astha Shrestha speak to me about her side of the story. Yep, I am indeed talking about the controversy that has been blowing up for the past few weeks. We’ve read the former contestants public letter, heard from a former member Jyoti Shrestha who recently quit the organization and now let’s hear a different side. As they say, there’s two sides to every story and what Astha has shared below is just a glimpse of that.

Regardless of all the things that HAPPENED, I just want to wish all of this years contestants all the best – I really hope that their time, energy and hope does not come dashing down and they receive a fair judgement. And of course, I hope the organizers also feel the pressure and push themselves to make this third Miss Nepal US a very grand affair.

Miss Nepal US 2012
Miss Nepal US 2012

LEX: What was the reason behind your participation at Miss Nepal US 2012?

ASTHA: In 2011, when Miss Nepal USA declared their very first pageant, I had just been announced the winner of the 29th ANA talent show. As I walked downstairs to the lobby of the hotel, I encountered the booth that was accepting the applications for the year and when I tried to apply, I learned that I couldn’t apply since I wasn’t 18. So I waited till the next year to participate. The reason behind my commitment towards applying for the pageant was the opportunity and the experience it would provide to further my involvement in the community, fashion and the all the things the platform promised. I have always been gifted with opportunities that sometimes slip away because of ignorance and from that, I have learned to make use of an opportunity before the window closes. I also believe that everything is always worth a try because if you don’t try, you will never know how the odds would turn out to be. In this case it was a great opportunity to come out, explore myself, meet personalities, make friends and take home a great experience that would help me with my goals.

LEX: Did the beauty pageant meet your expectations?

ASTHA: Although it was my very first pageant, I had taken a professional training for runway modeling a few years back. So, when I started my training for Miss Nepal USA, I was very impressed with the quality of the training because it was almost suitable for a professional certification considering the amount of time we had. Keeping in mind that I had to pay close to $2,000 for the professional training and for Miss Nepal USA we only had to pay an amount of $1,000 for everything that included the hotel, travel, food and everything else. Yes there were some rough edges that I will not deny but the organizers tried their best to make it better and help us with the problems. Some may feel differently but when I make conclusions, I try to think of all the trouble they had in order to meet the expectations of all 28 contestants at the same time while under the pressure of so many more while keeping in mind that it was only the second year of the pageant. I truly believe that this pageant has potential to be bigger if given the chance. For me, it was a great experience and an amazing journey and nothing but a pageant. It was just a pageant, nothing more. It was up to me to use it as an opportunity but at the end of the day it’s something that will be talked about for maybe a few months and everyone goes back to their life. Also, I prioritize things in life which gives me the power to choose what is important and what is not and the 15 minute of fame is not something important and is not something I would stress about years after it was over. Do I think the pageant helped everyone to learn and grow? – Yes. Do I think that it provided a good amount of training and nourishing? – Yes. Do I think that there were some issues with management? – Yes. Do I think that the issues went to the extremes that we now hear from boiling rumors and accusations? – NO.

LEX: Some of the former contestants have issued a public letter against the organization and are asking many to boycott the event, is there truth in their revelation?

ASTHA: Since that question would take too long to answer, I will list some of the problems and accusations and explain the whole story instead of the ones we hear that only linger around the surface without a full insight on what really went down.

The first accusation on the article is about the false advertisement with the number of finalists and they are claiming that they took 8 extra contestants for the extra $8,000. Now I can’t even understand what triggered this because all you need are some simple calculations. The hotel we mostly stayed at was Mount Vernon in Baltimore, not to mention that we stayed at 3 more hotels in DC and New York. That alone costs roughly about $15,000, after that comes food for everyone, they also rented several vans to carry us around, they have other expenses to worry about such as equipment, sound, lighting, training hall and so on. If you spend $20 per person, twice a day, for 10 days, that is about $11,200. Therefore, if they wanted to make extra money, they’d cut people out instead of having to take care of everything for 28 girls for about 10 days.

I also read that we were fed at a gas station and that is only half the truth. During our travel to New York and back they stopped at sit in restaurants or diners for meals. It was only between them that they stopped at gas stations for gas and they asked us if we were hungry or thirsty, and if we were, we could get REFRESHMENTS from the gas station, all of which they paid for.

About the bed bugs, yes, there were bed bugs in some of the rooms. My room-mate and I didn’t have any in our room but there were surely bed bugs in the hotel. When all of us gathered and told the organizers the problem, they immediately reported it to the hotel after which, the General manager or the manager (one of them), came to personally apologize to us and she also gave them new rooms making sure they were not infested. First of all, here I don’t see how the organization is at fault because they were quick to react and solve the problem. Bedbug complaints in New York City alone grew from 10,509 in 2006 to 22,218 last year and it is very common to have bed bugs in cities. –“bedbug.com”

The other rumour is that a girl had a swollen face due to mistreatment, and I can’t express how that is ridiculous in many ways and how someone can take incidents and use it to completely manipulate the event. She had an allergy with a certain food that the organizers were not aware of and she ate the certain something she was allergic to which caused an allergic reaction. She was very positive about it herself and the organizers bought fruits for her so that she could be healthy for the training.

My favourite part is the insurance company that drew our bloods. Again, yes it is true but barely the accusation. The reason this is my favourite part is because I clearly remember that day I was very upset about the life insurance policy they were giving us. So basically, they told us that we will all have a half million dollar policy for a year for free but for which we have to give our blood samples. Since I already have a good life insurance policy of my own and I didn’t want to give my blood samples, I was rebellious towards it and I went around the room telling the girls that it was not mandatory and that they didn’t have to if they didn’t want to but I was unheard since a lot were afraid of judgments. After my efforts were wasted, I went to Mr. Amit Shah and Sujita Basnet (the co-founder of Miss Nepal USA and the winner of Miss Nepal USA 2011 respectively) and I insisted that they should announce that it wasn’t mandatory and upon the contestants’ own will, and so he did. Everyone was fully aware of it as they wilfully gave their blood samples. I was the one who did not sign the papers and give blood samples.

All personal comments and accusations are something I am not aware of because those are clearly just assumptions until you can prove them but the party for the finale, I was there and I clearly remember that there were some wine and champaign but they were only serving those to 21 and over. I know that fact because I wasn’t drinking myself and I heard Mr Sarad tell everyone that it was for the 21 and over only. Now at this moment, if someone snuck themselves a drink, that I don’t know of.

Now coming to the night after the finale was over, the winners Ashma Dhakal, Nurja Shrestha and I had to stay down for a bit for pictures and interviews but when we went upstairs, we could already see that some of the girls were drunk out of their minds and one was lying on the hallway crying. I went up to her spoke to her a little bit and I did not feel good myself, I wasn’t happy. I walked into the room and there were a lot of people and they were just enjoying a drink having fun. They weren’t just organizers and the participants, there were many more, some I didn’t recognize. The only problem I have with the article about this night is that no one else has ever heard of them and by no one else, I mean the participants. I was there the whole time with my roommates and friends but some things in the article are unheard of and questionable. I still love my friends that I made and I would give them full support if I believed them or even learned about them because I have never heard of them until I read the article.

Only three hours before the show, no one seemed to be complaining about anything, rather everyone was happy and hugging the organizers. Also, the day after the finals, when everyone was leaving for home there were nothing but smiles walking about. We had fun, we bid farewell, we hugged and took pictures. I do understand that there were some rough edges. Time issues, managements and many more but I know that it was not at all on purpose to make extra money for themselves because they were short a few thousand dollars after the show. We have to find which accusations are rational and which are assumptions.

Lastly, the article talks about how the finalists and the winners were all planned out. Now let me tell you that when I auditioned for Miss Nepal USA 2012 I didn’t even think that I was going to make it through the auditions let alone winning the title. I did not know any of the organizers personally.

LEX: How does it make you feel to be the winner of a pageant that some have branded as corrupt and unfair?

ASTHA: I am completely against disrespect and insult. I can be the sweetest person in the world ever but if I do encounter disrespect and insult, I get enraged. I believe that the article is an insult to everyone related to the pageant and to my title as well. I tried to explain to some that respect goes both ways and you can’t have it forever. Right before doing this interview, I tried to explain this to a few but it is hard to explain things to people who have already made up their minds and won’t listen to anything else. At the same time, I am a very care free person who won’t stress about something if it isn’t as important to me. So to me, it really doesn’t matter, I barely care. I had a great experience and I learned a lot from it and now it’s time to step into another challenge in life. The reason behind this interview for me is so that people can hear both sides to the story. Also, I am going to be there for the whole training period for the 2013 pageant so that I can make sure the contestants don’t go through some of the things we had to. This way, I will feel like I can do my part to make it better rather than bringing it down.

LEX: Do you have any words for the organizers?

ASTHA: I would like to thank everyone for giving us an opportunity and staying strong even when the world around is throwing foul thoughts at you. I also want them to know that prioritizing in life is key for reaching your goals because there are many things in life that doesn’t matter at all and by ignoring them, we can focus on what’s important. In this case, the accusations don’t matter at all if you can do something better for the pageant this year.

LEX: Do you have any words for those that feel they have been let down by the Miss Nepal US organization?

ASTHA: I am not taking sides; I am only talking about my experience and what I saw. I was nothing but a participant in a pageant like everyone else. I am not better than anyone; the judges only gave an opinion of theirs about us, which does not define any of us in anyway. I understand that a lot of things that went down during our pageant were mismanaged or unfair in some ways but the organization has publicly apologized for that and all they are trying to do now is make it better. As for me, I am not a part of the organizing team at all. I am just there to make sure the girls get everything they are promised. This way I can do my part to help.

LEX: How are they making it better this year and how can be sure of it? 

ASTHA: The girls will get to train on the final stage they will be performing on. They will also be able to have a grand rehearsal on Friday where they can go through all of their rounds with the same amount of pressure as they will face on the finale without stopping. The girls will be staying in the same hotel throughout the training so we won’t have issues with travel. There will be professional trainers and performers both Nepalese and non-Nepalese. They have hired professional CPA to count the votes and scores in front of the public eye and the judges. The only person who will be judging from the organizing team will be Malvika Subba as their choreographer.  They have also hired professionals for lighting and sound who work at the Queens Theater themselves. The judges are diverse and come from different fields. The training will strictly run on schedule modified by none other than the choreographer Malvika Subba. The hotel is very close to Queens Theater in order to minimize travel time. These are just some of the improvements, there are plenty more.

LEX: To wrap it up, your final words?

ASTHA: It was a great year for me and I accomplished a lot. People have a better chance getting hit by lightning than winning a lottery but still, hundreds of thousands of people try the lottery. This year in Miss Nepal USA, there are 16 contestants and every one of them have an equal chance of winning which is about 6.25% for each contestant, which is a lot. You will never know how much you can accomplish in life if you never try. It all starts with a baby step. This is a great platform for us to get ready and gain confidence which can lead to a lot more in life. So, Why not?

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  1. It sounds like you just blatantly accepted the fact that Miss Nepal US was unorganized and unfair ‘at times.’ Yeah personally if I had won, I wouldn’t mind??? … lol

    I had expected at least the winner’s arguments would be on point, but you’ve blabbed on a lot – so much, some of the stuff you spoke about doesn’t make sense. I tried re-reading it, it still doesn’t make sense. Anyone with me on this one?

    ‘This year in Miss Nepal USA, there are 16 contestants and every one of them have an equal chance of winning which is about 6.25% for each contestant, which is a lot. ‘

    Well done for doing the Maths! ha ha ha

  2. “Lastly, the article talks about how the finalists and the winners were all planned out. Now let me tell you that when I auditioned for Miss Nepal USA 2012 I didn’t even think that I was going to make it through the auditions let alone winning the title. I did not know any of the organizers personally.”

    Its funny because her MOTHER married (or is having an extramarital affairs) with the Judge, OM BIKRAM BISTA.

    • How nice she is…….. she says she didnt even think she was going to make it through the auditions. Hats off.

    • Great where is her dad at? Anyways why Om Bikram Bista is so considered as hero I don’t understand, ok he started pop music first but has he done anything better than that? He hasn’t even sang or composed any better song after Mauntama. That was the only song I ‘ve heard.

  3. miss astha shrestha, according from a reliable source i heard, that at the begining this year you were very hesitant even to be part of this year paegent, the organizers had to call you several times to post on you social media about miss nepal us, you being the winner didnt even care, but all of a sudden you have a change of heart, an now you are backing them up and supporting them fully where was the support on the initial stages?? and your interview doesnt make any sense, it seems you are talking more about yourself than the paegent, are you representing them or yourself, remember you were friends with all of this participants before, they paid 1000 dollars, yes they have right to ask question, talking about false advertisement, let me put it this way, when a paegent advertise themselves as grand, big, empowering youths this big words and dont deliver it then yes its false advertisement, if i pay for something i make sure its worth my money and time this paegent actually doesnt do anything for the community and nepali society.

  4. “yo ta dudh ko sachi biralo” bhako jastai bhayo. Have you ever told a foreigner that Nepal is a crappy country? NEVER!! So how can you expect someone who holds the entire pagents’ title to be talking anything bad. Despite of what she says, we all know how things work, dont we? But anyways, thats not the point here. With what she said earlier before getting interviewed, she wanted to make sure she brings the truth out and defends the whole pageant. If any of us noticed, its more about who she is, and how she is, what she got from the pageant and all that about Astha. Totally contradictory. Also, those who noticed her previous comments on the post where she wanted lex to interview her, since she would represent clearly remember how she would represent someone neutral (I dont see how a title holder can be a non team member and a neutral character, when tomorrow she is going to be there as a lead and handing the crown and what not). But anyway, she herself mentioned there that how she was there only to spread her wings and to achieve something, definitely not to be a role model, now here in the interview, her mentioning that she wanted to do something for the community, LIKE WHAT??? Many of us are still confused. Please at least dont use such big words and claims of which never happened. If you realized Astha, you yourself never got a whole lot of things that were promised, like a way to get involved in the society as a helpful community member versus an entertainer.
    One last thing, imagine when she is telling about who is being fed what, the girl with the allergy herself has denied that she was fed anything to keep her healthy. She herself is a very healthy girl, works out and I am sure eats right too, correct me if I am wrong. She herself mentioned how this is a white lie which caused miss Astha to go back the memory lane, trying to find out where she got that information from (I guess). FYI she even had admitted herself that she has short term memory loss to many members last year. I am just so very surprised and disappointed also i would say coz this is just not what we all were expecting!

  5. Is it just me or we all noticed how the organizers haven’t really come up and are using someone else as their defense or a weapon, whatever its called. Lame!

  6. Since you mentioned how you weren’t supporting them in the beginning, that clearly tells us many things you mentioned are not true. First, why would the one with the title herself not help the pageant. You ought to be there. Doesn’t that tell us all that there was something wrong, that she herself knew which caused her to not care about the pageant. And someone there also mentions in the comment above about the same thing (her not giving a S***) idk how much of it is true. But what did the organizers manage to do all of a sudden or what did you get promised? That now you’re like mother Teresa to the whole pageant? Weird!!!
    Nepal ko naam tesai hoina, timi jastai kapti ra dui mukhey Nepali le garda kharab huney ho!

      • She left her father for Om Bikram Bista (after the Miss Nepal USA 2012 event) … budeshkaal ma jabani. Chori ko beha garaune bela ma, aafnai beha. lol. Being a mother, she should help out her daughter by paying for her colleges and things, not send her to bulshit events and community and try to make money off of her own daughter.

    • you didn’t have to include family members into this discussion. Just stick tot he damn topic. And whatever her family does is non of your business..

  7. I know her ! She is short, hairy, dark, ugly, she has stretch marks and she smells bad. Thats all I have to say.

  8. Astha lossed one fan from her list. She is defending the worst event that ever happened in the history. I didn’t expect her to defend this way. Looks like they have 16 girls and everyone gets a title like miss photogenic, best smile and all blah blah blah just to make them happy and make one of the girl like nikki to win the event. This is pathetic. I can see this coming and already feeling sad for rest of 13 girls who would just win sub-titles. These events do nothing but just focus on objectifying the girls. Still organizer has not apologized yet which is a shame. Staying in cheapest hotel of baltimore and with free foods given by all restaurants(my frn works in restaurant) , the cost she mentioned was 11k . Bullshit. Na time manage nai thiyo na ta event nai. Sab ketiharulai euta question sodeko judge le . Testo ni kahi huncha. Pachii bistarai different question for different contestants. Sarad went to judge and said these will be winners coz he didnt collect tallys from all judges, talked with two and went in a hurry to announce as lights were being turned off. It was a disaster. Astha sorry to say but didn’t expect u to defend this type of show instead of u supporting all girls and taking new event mngmt to new level.

  9. I worked for this organization and I am a writer for a magazine in Nepal. Actually Miss Nepal US is not a bad organization. Its business and everyone likes to make something for themselves but they do help in Nepal. Astha Shrestha actually gives this organization a bad name. Sujita baini came to Nepal and on her visit this time, she went to remote villages and did so many nice things for the unfortunate. Astha Shrestha came to Nepal with her American boyfriend and she was too busy having fun with him instead of doing what she was supposed to do. You should watch her interviews. She acts like she does not even understand Nepali most of the times. She acts like she was born in America.

  10. haahahahahaha what a interview… comedy!!! what do you think is going to change? lets see what kind of people are in the organization…the CEO of the program, Mr. Amit Shah always hides behind other organizers, can’t speak a word infront of media and doesn’t even have shame and decency to publicly apologize about last two events… new members: Mr Neerakar whose summerfest was a complete failure, and I heard he stole someone’s credit card and used it and ran away from colorado hiding his face… now he is just trying to make easy money… Miss Nabina who cares less about her duties towards society and cares more about taking photos and publishizing herself… and Mr. Sailesh who hits on girls and calls participants at night drunk… these are the members organizing the show!!! what change can we expect??? And coming to you Miss Astha, I dont get it…why did you join the pageant if you just wanted to show off and spread your wings? you could have gone to some cheap fashion show to advertise yourself… people who join pageant really want to contribute for their country and society…that platform was not for you girl… also everyone knows your mom’s relation with the judges Rama Singh and Om Bikram Bista…. and Mr. Sarad always worshipping you….even a fool can tell how you won the competition…. And I heard missnepal us team begged you to support their event and you denied and ifnored them for a long time….but all of a sudden a week before the event starts,you are joining them…why? oh wait ofcourse you can show off your belly dance and singing qualities in the grand event…then why not join the event right? we all get it… haahahaha

    • kasta kasta haru ta yo organizing commitee ma, self promotion garne dhekawati badi, koi credit card chorne, koi aafu galti agrne ani aarulai blame garne, koi bharkhar ka 18-19 barsa ko keti haru lai hit garna khojne

  11. Kasto laaj nabhako haru… yo Astha ra yo pageant chalaune harulai ta sisnu pani lagayera America bata dhapaunun parne…… Nepal ko naam America ma badnaam gare…. moneyminded ppl!!! thukka papi haru…. narka ma pugchau timiharu bhagwan le saab herirachan timiharuko galat kaam haru

  12. Is this Astha trying to support the show or advertise herself? all she is doing is blabbing about herself. I attended both events 2011 and 2012, and they sucked big time!!! what are they trying to prove? winners were fixed both times. And I heard this time Nikki pandey and Anuja KC are preplanned winners; like Astha Shrestha and Ashma Dhakal were preplanned last year. shameless organizers### and these so called winners don’t even act like they are winners, what have they given back to the society? nothing!!!!!all they do is advertise themselves, what a shame to our country

    • Are u kidding Nikki Pandey gonna be the winner, she is so kali like a kali devi, she ain’t that pretty. Anuja Thapa looks pretty

    • Yo Nikki Pandey le anchoring gareko ramrai lageko thiyo tara modelling ta pattakai man parena, bichari height pani chaina ani make up ta kasto naramro tyo youtube ma chya chya

  13. Is this Miss Nepal US Platform really offering Half a Million Dollar life insurance Plan ? Am I the only one or does anyone else has speciousness because Miss Astha Shrestha says she declined A HALF A MILLION DOLLAR insurance just because she did not want to give them a blood sample. I’m sure she’s not that rich to throw away something big like this. I mean A HALF A MILLION DOLLAR is a big amount. Something is fishy here.

    • Are you dumb? She already said that she had an insurance plan with another company and didn’t want to do it. Why would she need a life insurance? Maybe she’s just not greedy like everyone else? Or maybe she has a better one? Idiots all over lol

  14. this girl lives in my neighborhood….. my friends went to vs niketan school with her……. she is the most selfish person in the world….. she treats nepali people like dirt….. she feels embarrassed to be newar and nepali…….. her grandmother was suffering from cancer and astha was busy romance with her boyfriend…..she think she’s somebody famous but nobody knows her in nepal………..the people that knows her doesn’t even like her.

    • Lol you retard. She went to Xavier’s not vs niketan. May be your retardness comes with being blind and deaf aswell. She as a friend of mine and I’m pretty sure you are nothing but a sore looser who had nothing better to do. Why don’t you go see who your mom sleeps with every time your dads not home?

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  17. bed bugs is common re? you must be a really dirty whore. dui paisa ko kaam chaina kukurni, respect ko kura garchas. ta ra teri bf sutna ja bedbugs. com ani tero om bikram lai pani leraja.

    • Lol ta jasto uneducated Manche haru le Dubayo sabailai. I’m sure you don’t even know what cities look like. You haven’t done nearly as much in a lifetime as she has done in half a week ugly bitch. I’m sure if I’d kick you in the crotch, I’d loose a shoe in your rusty vagina. And you’re the one talking. Don’t worry astha, people who can’t do shit will sit around at home talking shit about you while you are out there doing something. Keep it up girl.

  18. This girl Astha is on my facebook. I dont know what the hell he did with with a $2000 professional modeling training because in the recent posts, I saw her working for some amateur clothing site, shakojuclothing.com. I have to tell you girl, with all your professional training, you’re nothing but a backyard model and you looked like shit. I wonder how much you got payed to do that.

    • Oh and you’re one to talk. Facebook Ma chas re? I’m sure you’ve seen other pictures like singing for the president ? She does have pictures of her training as well as certification and her coach. I’ve known her since I was 11 and she’s a 1000 better than you can ever dream of ugly bitch. If you are so jealous, go find yourself a pretty mask and stop hating. You’ll get wrinkles On your already beaten down face. Stupid sluts, kaam garnu chaina, aru ko chackh sungdai bascha. Have fun doing that. Bye ugly whore!

  19. आस्था श्रेष्ठ अनि बिष्णु बिष्ट, सबै भन्दा दुष्ट, सबै भन्दा नीक्रीष्ट, आर्का को खान पायो भने हुन्छन संतुष्ट

  20. omg she looks Thailand ko transgender. she is so ugly her cruel personality reflects on her face. what a bitch.

  21. astha ra uski aama lai america dherai fapyo jasto cha. randi haru nepal ma vako vaye dhungai dhunga lay heerkaunu parni.

  22. First of all, please do us a favor my displaying the professional training center where you received your certification where you had to pay $2000 and the quality was almost comparable to Miss Nepal USA’s because we wouldn’t send anyone we know there. And there weren’t just some rough edges, there were several and we wish the organizers had tried their best to solve those issues but instead they kept asking for extensions and apologizing and giving us false hopes.
    About the false advertisement, it was obviously true that they took all the girls who had applied. Come on Astha, didn’t you see every single girl who auditioned as a finalist? And unfortunately this was true for all the locations. This year they didn’t even have enough contestants to conduct auditions. It seems like your calculations on the hotel costs is a little out of range. When we stayed in the hotel for the first two days in New York, about 4 contestants shared one room so they roughly had to book 7 and maybe couple more for other members. And the 2nd day of training was literally spent on the insurance stuff and advertising for all the sponsors in Jackson Heights. And you are referring the food that we were fed at the gas station as refreshments?! Its called extremely late night dinner when the only food we received was at the YAK restaurant which was lunch and we drove to Baltimore in 3 different vans driven by our own organizers for hours and literally had our dinner at a gas station on our way at around 2 am. And yes they paid for it but hey we already paid them before hand for that.
    Back to your calculation about the hotels, Mount Vermont is one of the cheapest hotels in Baltimore which is why they picked that hotel which was more than an hour away from George Mason University where the grand finale ( or grand disaster) happened. Which is probably the reason they had begbugs and obviously your statistics about the bedbugs in Newyork isn’t going to help as the bedbug issue occurred in Baltimore. And you were lucky that you didn’t have bedbugs in your room but we aren’t just concerned about you there were several contestants who did and it’s a beauty pageant, nobody wants to walk on the stage with marks all over their body. And they not only had bedbugs in the rooms but also in the practice room, which is why we were told not to sit on the floor. Yes, we brought this up to the organizers and once again they told us we will be moving to another hotel which didn’t happen until the very last day.
    Also, before you claim about organizers buying fruits for the contestant who had to go through an allergic reaction, you should probably confirm with her because as far as we know she didn’t even receive Benadryl until 3 days after the reaction. And if they really cared about us and our well being they should have probably asked us before hand if any of us had any allergies.
    About the blood work, yes you did complain but by the time your complain was implied half the girls were already done so the rest of us decided to go with it as well. And our main concern regarding this was the fact that the girl who had an antecubital infection after the bloodwork was done wasn’t treated until the very last day of the training.

    And the most interesting part about this article is when you talk about girls who were drunk out of their minds when you really shouldn’t even be bringing this topic up because we all know who was underage drinking that night leaving everyone in shock. And yes we were very attached and emotional after a whole week being together and not just three hours before the show even till the very last minute we were hopeful that they will give us a fair platform but now we know that we were clearly deceived and lied to. Well hopefully this time the name of the winners wont come out of the emcee’s pocket. And also hope that the organizers feel pressured to make the third Miss Nepal US a fair and organized.

  23. Astha ji tatarammama gardai pageant jitnu bha ho? Can you compete again cause they said 2010 was unfair so you literally don’t owe the title

  24. You had it easy Astha. You lived in Maryland and it was really close to the practice spot and grand finale. You also had it easy because of your shameless mother. She is the one who knows everyone. She drove you to New York and made your poor brother carry your luggage. It’s a shame that you give big speeches about how you’re going to do things for the community but you’re nothing without your mother and we all know your mother is a shameless selfish bitch.

    You’re talented, you can sing and you can dance but its limited only in your mother’s playground. Out in the real world, you are nothing. If you continue to be like your mother and dance in her tunes, you’ll be nothing but a whore and ugly, just like her. So, take a step and work hard. Get yourself some college education. I’ve seen you play the piano. You can succeed and be someone great. You just have to move up from these bulshit community of your mother and work hard. You’re just a 19 year old girl and you don’t really know what you’re doing.

    There are a lot of harsh comments in this blog and most of them are true and some of them just came from jealousy. You really have what it takes to make a difference and be someone great but remember that you’re just 19. You should take care of yourself first. Welcome to the real world. In the next few years, you’ll realize that life isn’t easy. For a girl like you, either you can be a warrior or a whore. Everyone… about her boyfriend, he is a homo. Most girls have gay boyfriends. They’re nicer and less harmful than most straight guys.

  25. tyo 2011 ko second runner up Nabina Basnet lai pani kun chai organizing committe ko buda le padkayore bhanne suneko thiye, tesaile garda tyo keti pani title haat parna safal bhakire ho?

  26. Well first of all, all you people are so jealous, it’s true. I have been following her ever since she won the title and she has done a lot. Nepali haru Lai kehi thaha hundaina khali aru ko kura gardai bascha. What have you all done? Nothing. At least she’s out there achieving goals. She’s done a lot more in her age than you guys have ever imagined. She has sang for the president of the United States. Someone here said she’s in your Facebook, photo herna tesko. Have you done that? Sala kaam garnu chaina aru ko chackh sungdai bascha.

    • Agreed ! We Nepalis should really stop being jealous… Talking about jealousy, she gets me the most jealous but we all should be ashamed of picking on a 19 year old girl, anonymously, in some freaking internet blog . Take a look at her song. She did this before she won the title, “Miss Nepal USA”. She really has done a lot for a girl her age. Someone who can sing like this definitely has a soul.

      • If you look closer, every girl is talented and special… other girls were talented too….she can sing so what? does that make her winner? what has she does for the community???? for Nepal? nothing… she took part in the show just to publicize herself…. look at winner of 2011, Sujita Basnet, she was also 19 when she took part in the show and she has done so much for Nepal and community

        • Please, dont give me this, “Every girl is talented and special” bulshit. She can sing so what ? It tells a lot about how someone is from inside. Obviously, you dont know because you cant sing. What makes her a winner is that the fact she was more talented, better looking, tall and SHE SPOKE BETTER ENGLISH than all the contestants in Miss Nepal USA 2012. About Sujita… Her mother rented the vehicle, paid for her expenses and she basically did what her mother made her do. So, thank her mother, not her. Dont expect teenage girls to be Mother Teresa. What the hell have you done for Nepal ?

          You dont know the story behind Astha and I. I should be the one hating her the most but for how long ? I’ve realized jealousy just comes from low self esteem and insecurity. We all have to let it go and be happy and let others be happy.

  27. Haina gali sikni vaye yaha herna aaye hucha. Ani arko kuro. Didi baini lai pathauni thau chai haina rahecha. Aafno khutta ma aafnai banccharo hanya barabar ho.

  28. Miss Nepal USA is just fake. Yo Nabina Basnet 2011 ma 2nd runner up pani das jana sanga sutera bhako ho. na talent cah na kei. testo talent vako vaye 2006 ma MIss University Nepal ma pani kei hunu parne honi tara top 10 ma pani parina tyo kt. Sab jpt and bakwas ho

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  31. I really regret being sarcastic and judgmental towards Astha not knowing her talents, she sings so good, knows how to play keyboard, knows how to do belly dance, i think she deserves the title literally, so I take my old lunatic comments back

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