Creative T-Shirts By Local Pasal

Local-Pasal-Easy-Disneyland Local-Pasal-Ghintang Local-Pasal-Invisible-Cheli Local-Pasal-Lick Local-Pasal-Nachyo-Maichang

It’s only been few weeks since Local Pasal started selling their creative tee’s online. Their latest collection consists of t-shirts with creative designs representing a Ma Pa Se officer to a man in a daura suruwal playing the Madal. It’s modern and very much a representation of Nepal. The online clothing store mainly operates through its website and Facebook page. If you have an idea of what you want then you can even submit your own design at The t-shirts are currently priced at Nrs 600.

Local-Pasal-TRANCE Local-Pasal-Nepal Local-Pasal-Ma-Pa-Se

PS. I love that TRANCE tee!

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