Britney Spears Releases Work Bitch Video!!

In pop music, Britney Spears debut single Baby One More Time which catapulted her to global fame turned 15 this week. The 31 year old pop mega star shows no signs of stopping with the release of her new music video Work Bitch on October 1. Amusingly, the video also surfaced on the same day of the US Government Shutdown. I guess Mr Obama can take the obvious hint lol. The Work Bitch video has been directed by Ben Mors (Scream and Shout) and the duo go all out to present Britney Spears like never before. Following the norms of a typical Britney videography, there are dance scenes, animals, whips and a lot of skin show. Long before Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus were the pop starlets on the tip of everyone’s tongues, it was Britney Spears who was the face of controversy. Work Bitch confirms that the popstar is here to stay and here to slay.

Spears is also riding on a high after announcing a two-year Planet Hollywood residency deal. She is expected to perform 50 shows per year, reportedly making $30 Million in two years. In simple language, if you want to see her in concert then fans from all over the world are expected to fly to Las Vegas! Now that would be one expensive trip. But Hey, It’s Britney Bitch.

Personally, I am a huge fan! I have been for the past 12/13 years and after all that she has gone through and come out on top of, I never expected to see her in such form again. This reminds me of 2004, the Toxic era and everyone loves a fighter, a strong resilient individual always on the way to the top. And that is why she rocks.

PS. Wow! I just found a Britney Spears Nepal Fanpage on Facebook! There’s just over 600 likes. Now I never expected to see this and before you assume, it’s not me who started the page lol.

#PS. From now onwards I will be blogging about non-Nepali music, artists, movies and events. Of course, the majority focus will forever remain on Nepali topics.

Screenshot from Work Bitch Video
Screenshot from Work Bitch Video

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