International March For Elephants in London – BAN The IVORY TRADE

Photo: Karen White

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The International March for Elephants took place in fifteen cities across the world including London, Los Angeles and Bangkok on Friday, 4 October. The march had one message and that is to Say NO To IVORY. Organizers of the event, The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust shared that one elephant is killed every 15 minutes for its ivory. At this rate, none will walk the earth in 2025. The march which started at 11AM from Forum Magnum Square near Waterloo concluded outside the Houses of Parliament at 1300 hours. The event saw a large participation from people of all over and all ages.

Having always been fascinated with these majestic giants, I strongly hope the leading governments in power do their best to ban the ivory trade. As a speaker shared, what is going on right now is a great modern day scandal and we have to speak up, share and stand against this. And of course, China has a huge part to play in the ivory trade as well… #FullStop

Bottom-line: Ban ALL TRADE in ivory!

You can sign the petition on the link here!

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