5 Unforgettable Nepali Videos On YouTube

1.Sunday Morning Love You – Bhim Niroula

It would be a crime if this video did not make the list. Everything about Sunday Morning Love You craves for the viewers attention. From Bhim uncles smooth dance moves to the amazing visual work, Sunday Morning Love You is a classic in the making. UK based Niroula has also been featured on the popular website Buzzfeed. When he’s not making catchy tunes or releasing Nepali music albums, Bhim uncle works at a bank in Reading. The Sunday Morning fever may not be ending anytime soon as Bhim uncle recently shared that the song also has a Nepali version titled “Aaitabar maya, Sombar maya”. After following suggestions from close advisors, Bhim decided to drop Saturday to make the song more efficient for radio plays. Well of course, you do need a rest from all that loving! Someone please contact Dhiraj Rai and ask him to add the line, “Bhim Niroula was born in Nepal”. Thank you.

PS. The first GIF that I created. OMG. I love it. Im gonna be rocking this Bhim Uncle Dance.

Bhim Uncle Dance on Make A Gif

2. Kelai Chahiyo Yarling – Dewar Babu Film (REKHA THAPA)

A list of the unforgettable is never quite complete without a Rekha Thapa video! The controversy queen shared her killer choreography in the video for Kelai Chahiyo Yarling from the film Dewar Babu. Her orange splashed tan gives a competition to the stars of The Only Way Is Essex and those butt thrusts by Rekha teaches Miley Cyrus a thing or two. And of course her few random words she says in between such as “langurr” is just one of the few reasons why this video makes the list. I personally love it when Rekha drops the beat and raps. Homegurl is coming for you.

RekhaThapaDance on Make A Gif

3. Looser – Kewa

Nepali Female Rap Group KEWA - LOOSER
Nepali Female Rap Group KEWA – LOOSER

Looser by Kewa is one of the most shared videos online and if you sit through the 3:08 minutes then you will know why. I personally would like to blame the writers of the song for encouraging thousands of people to believe that loser is spelled as looser. You are a LOSER not a LOOSER. Girls girls girls… I am sure Microsoft Word was still around when you started writing such bombastic songs. Apart from the spelling, the video also gives a reflection of hip hop and the fashion at the time. One word: unforgettable.

You can watch the video on the link here: http://youtu.be/e1CfMi9qLA4

4. Love Me Baby – Shakila Gurung

Shakila Gurung’s Love Me Baby gives the likes of Shakira a serious competition. The Pokhreli singer shimmies like no other and has autotuned her vocals so much that even Britney Spears would feel threatened. In between her charismatic vocals she makes it a point to interact with the listeners as she demands “lets dance, to the disco beat”. The music video is a spectacle! It’s like watching a mini-film and that is one of the main reasons why I love this song and why it’s so unforgettable.

Love Me Baby Shakila Gurung on Make A Gif

5. Buddha Was Born in Nepal – Dhiraj Rai

Dhiraj Rai recently released his all English album and one of the breakout hits from the album was “Buddha Was Born in Nepal”. If we had MTV Nepal then Mr Rai would definitely bag the award for the song with a social message. Apart from confirming Nepal as the birthplace of Lord Buddha, Dhiraj goes on to talk about Tenzing Norgay’s Everest ascent, the Gurkhas and the Ashoka Pillar. Mummies and daddies, this song is perfect to play for your little one. It teaches a thing or two about Nepal and also makes great listening for when you need to drift off to sleep. Iressistably catchy I tell you. Also, lyrics – LOVE IT.
PS. Many were not impressed as statuses were shared saying “Now I wish Dhiraj Rai was born in India”. #awkward

Dhiraj Rai on Make A Gif

These are the videos of my list of 5, let me know what’s your funniest video and don’t forget to share that via the comment box below. If you find this list funny then go ahead and share it with your friends.

UPDATE – Many of you have suggested the video below!

Pokhara Pani – Sangam Limbu

Personally, I didn’t have this on my list as I deemed Pokhara Pani to be too disturbing to share. This video can scar you. From outrageous tacky fashion to scenes with Sangamjee peeing near his lady love, this video is every viewers nightmare. While I’m on this, I wonder who thought it would be a great idea to have an outline of a love heart on his chest. It brings the song and the video down to a whole another level. Speechless…
Sangam Limbu on Make A Gif

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