Deurali Daadaima By Phiroj Shyangden

Here’s a #LEXclusive all the way from New York!!

This is Deurali Daadaima by the popular musician Phiroj Shyangden. Many of you may also remember him from the original line-up of 1974 AD. The five minute long song has been written, composed and sang by Shyangden himself. Now that’s what you call a true artist. The video for the melodious song has received a 5 Star treatment from Rozan Shrestha of AAINCH PRODUXON.

Don’t be waiting for your love folks! That’s a killer, seize the moment!

Phiroj Shyangden Deurali 1 Phiroj Shyangden Deurali 2 Phiroj Shyangden Deurali D

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