RAPED – New Short By Aainch Produxon

In the past few months, there has been an increasing interest and increase of reports on rape from all over the world. Whether it was the story of the girl in Delhi or Sita Rai from Nepal, we are surrounded by stories of rape. Aainch Produxon, the creative team all the way from New York have also focused on this violent act for their newest short feature titled RAPED. The short film takes inspiration from Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘REVENGE’. Though only few minutes long, RAPED is a captivating short even without any audible dialogues. I liked the ending the most; the uncertainty continues.

Rozan and Sangay in RAPED
Rozan and Sangay in RAPED

RAPED, a short movie which is based upon a short film ‘REVENGE’ was originally made by Alfred Hitchcock in 1955. When we first heard the story of this movie, we found it quite interesting that we thought of making it on our way. Even though the original movie ‘Revenge’ is 26 minutes long, we decided to make it as short as possible and present it on our way.P.S. none of us who has been involved in this project has seen REVENGE yet so that we don’t get influence by Hitchcock presentation.

Rozan as Husband
Sangay as Wife
Sulav as Stranger on a phone
Jevin as Second stranger
Rajesh as Doctor
Filmed, edited and screenplay Rozan Shrestha
Assistant Director Anjel Acharya
Cinematography Jevin Subedi and Sulav Darnal
Special thanks to Anzan Shrestha, Amit Shah, Rajesh Bhatta and Jackson Height Medical

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