Rapoholic - The Father!

Ever wondered what Rapoholic would look like as a father? Well wonder no more!

The UK based Nepali youtube sensation has recently shared a Nepali Rap Battle video where Rapoholic plays both the character of the father and the son! The hilarious nine minute long sketch is pretty creative, unique and effortlessly entertaining. Huge kudos to Rapoholic for sharing that with us. And for once, this video is pretty friendly to all ages – no expletives! Always a winner! And that has definitely translated well with great public feedback and an army of LIKES!

Enjoy the video’ Let me know your thoughts beeeeeelooooooowwwwww

Rapoholic - The Father!
Rapoholic – The Father!
Rapoholic - The Son!
Rapoholic – The Son!
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  1. Wow Lex Dai;

    I liked this post. And Enjoyed the video a lot. I like your every post. Actually, I’m also blogging and truly inspired by you Dai.

    Stay alert and stay smart .

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