Namaste Kathmandu By Housemafia Project KTM & Nintsung Bhutia featuring Shreya Sotang

NAMASTE KATHMANDU by Housemafia Project KTM & Nintsung Bhutia featuring Shreya Sotang officially made its way on the world wide web on November 29 but because I’ve been pretty busy doing real life sorta thing I just never got around to sharing this awesome song. I listened to Namaste Kathmandu without ear phones and thought it was pretty fresh and then I put the earphones in and the song and the music was just a bomb! So trippy and just next level! Loved the whole beats and all; digging the ending mix from 2:50.

Of course – visually pleasing as well.


Who is HouseMafia Project KTM?

“We are the 1st ever Nepali electronic duo sharing, producing, playing and spreading the love of electronic music here in Nepal. The consisting members of Housemafia Project are Sumit Rajbhandari and Manish Gurung. Housemafia Project Ktm was active from 25th of December 2009. Housemafia Project Ktm started with our own show back in 2009 on New Year’s Eve which was a massive success. Then slowly we started to play for well established event companies and then gain popularity in Kathmandu.” – HMP KTM

Housemafia-Project-KTM-Namaste-Kathmandu Housemafia-Project-KTM-Nepal

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