The Struggles of Baby Life Home

Uma Gurung and Rajkumar Pun of Baby Life Home recently sat down for a chat with Vijay Lama on the popular talk show Black and White. News of HIV positive children being barred from entry to education in various schools have repeatedly made it’s way on the news. It was hearing such news that led Uma and Rajkumar to start the home. An emotional Rajkumar shared how even educated principals and teachers bar HIV positive children from enrolling in their schools due to fear of hurting the school admissions. Apart from their continuous struggle to spread awareness in society, Uma and Rajkumar also shared of their personal sacrifices to sustain the home. Rajkumar sold his house in order to generate money for Baby Life Home whilst Uma sold her wholesale shop.

The driven duo are currently in debt and need more support for the better days that lie ahead. Uma spoke about potential plans to open a school in the near future. The home which has received support from individuals from Nepal and abroad received a donation of Nrs 1 Lakh from former Miss Nepal Malvika Subba and has also been supported by Tweet For Cause Nepal in various occasions. Rajkumar shares that we have the ability to give these children an opportunity that many are denied of and treat them as an equal like the rest of us.

The host Vijay Lama also pledged to make a donation of Nrs 10,000 and donate clothes for the children of the home. You can also play your part by supporting the home by giving your time or financially contributing towards the home and its plan by contacting Uma or Rajkumar at 9849090057.

Uma and Rajkumar of Baby Life Home on Black & White - Image Channel.
Uma and Rajkumar of Baby Life Home on Black & White – Image Channel.

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