Growing In Popularity – Yeti Airlines!

Whoever is in charge of Yeti Airline’s social media accounts should be awarded a special Online Yeti Badge or something! The official website for the airline looks super fresh, inviting and really knows that online is the way forward. Apart from keeping the look of the web fresh, the airlines has also stepped up its game on Facebook with several updates a day. The airline recently celebrated over 40,000 Likes! That is the most amount of likes for a Nepali airline on Facebook – erm, where is Buddha Air?

I am really impressed by this turnaround because I still remember the Yeti Airlines page when it wasn’t so happening or generating all that likes and buzz! The airline also has their own YouTube channel with videos of special news coverage, a dream flight for children and the 106 year old passenger taking his very first flight. Just clever, amazing and really the right away forward – all about being visible! AND the airline also has a section titled SKY SHOP on their website where you can browse through Yeti Airline t-shirts, caps and mugs. I don’t know if the airline has it’s own in-flight magazine; if it doesn’t then I believe that should be the next goal. Something short and sweet for the 30-45 minute long flights.

Deffo my fave airline!


In-flight give away!
In-flight give away!

Destination Highlight
Destination Highlight

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  1. Yeti Airlines is almost widely known all around Nepal.It offers good facilities in flight.
    Yeti Airlines is very good but still it will be more better if Yeti Airlines give equal priority to Nepali citizen in Khumbu as well.
    During the season time we people of Khumbu have to face lots of difficulties..We cant get ticket to Lukla easily.The tourist are treated more special than Nepali beacuse the pay high amount..
    Airlines shouldn’t focus only in money but also should keep attention in passenger satisfaction and safety..Especially for Nepali..

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