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The Gazaab Story - Harkaman
The Gazaab Story – Harkaman

I just got around to watching this report by Channel News Asia about Gaazab – A Social Venture founded by Jamon Mok from Singaore. The 24 year old businessman is on a journey to alleviate poverty through social entrepreneurship in Nepal through Gaazab. The team also includes several Nepalis from Nepal and co-founder Akash Gurung who met Jamon whilst studying in Singapore. The social business venture has won several awards along the way and continues to involve those in the community that need a little push forward. This is a wonderful initiative! Amazing work.

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A SINGAPOREAN ABROAD – JAMON MOK: Nepal, birthplace of the Buddha, the home of Mount Everest and now, headquarters to one budding Singaporean businessmen.  Jamon Mok plans to alleviate poverty through social entrepreneurship. In a country where more than half the population is living under the international poverty line, what can this 24 year old do to make a dent? He’s not even a graduate from school yet!

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