Himalayan White Water Festival 2013 in VIDEO!

Check out this exciting video of the recent Himalayan Whiter Water Festival! Looks thrilling, adventurous and totally worth it. The audio from the video is Haami Aayou by Diwas Gurung. If this floats your boat then check out Nepal Kayak Club and White Water Fest!

Oh and I also happened to spot this pretty cool grandma wearing a Louis Vuitton top – #shegotswag



Each year at the end of November 4 day’s festival Himalayan Whitewater Festival takes place by the riverside of classic river Trishuli. The competition welcomes professionals to someone who dares to compete, attracting both internationals and national athletes.
This competition aims to create whitewater athletes and grow the whitewater sport in Nepal. By doing this we believe that one day we will have big majority to say « save the rivers & save the nature ».
Kayaking is for every body, it is safe and it is healthy as long as you respect Mother Nature.

By: Anup Gurung (www.nepalkayakclub.com)

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