No Sex Selective Abortion at OM Hospital


OM HOSPITAL has taken the very first step by officially committing not to carry out sex selective abortion. With new technologies in the scene, new parents are becoming super picky about whether they want a baby boy or a baby girl – AND unfortunately, trends suggest that parents are opting to abort the girl child. According to Republica, in the census data of 2011, the population of the girl child is 5% less to that of boys (0 to 10 years) in the urban areas.

The event by Center for Awareness Program (CAP-Nepal) is a part of the “save the girl” campaign. Dr Bhola Rijal, chairman of OM Hospital expressed his cooperation by sharing “We will not only hang this board (reads: ´sex selective abortion is a crime´) outside the hospital to discourage killing of female foetus, but would announce to actively play our role to support the activities of the organization to combat this crime”.

We will never fully know what takes place behind closed doors, what exchanges will take place between the patient and the doctor but that should not stop us or stop such initiatives from taking place. Abortion should not be allowed on the basis of whether the baby is a girl or a boy and this should be effectively informed and communicated through all networks there is available. I believe academic education should also introduce fresh approaches to learning – learning that will bring girls and boys together to see them equally and not through labels.

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