Nepal To Be Free Wi-Fi Zone????


Calling out all the netizens!

You will be very happy to know that the Ministry of Information and Communications is ready to start a new homework and that will be to study the potential of declaring Nepal a Free Wifi-zone! How crazy would that be??? Honestly, if the homework comes out with an A* then I believe this would be quite something to celebrate! According to Republica the panel involved in the study are expected submit the report within 30 days of starting work.

Hmm intense!

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  1. Well, this is obviously a great news. But I am not hopeful with the result of this study. For me, its just a way to fool Nepalese Citizens and moreover a plot to use public monies for personal use by the agencies involved in a legal way.

    This is not the first time, our Government Bodies are trying to do something new. From feasibility study of Metro Rail across the major cities of the country to Cable Car in Kathmandu, from preliminary study of inland railways network to trolley buses, from study of solid waste management to alternative energies, our government had wasted a lot of monies in name of study with no significant output. The worst part of all, the results of these studies are so unreliable that we cannot use them for further studies, the common example is of West Seti Reserve Type Hydro, for which our Government wasted mass sum of monies for pre-feasibility study to the design consultant which in turn gave so unrealistic and unreliable data that the entire project went into vain.

    Further, I think at present context we really don’t need free WIFI. What we need is energy. We are facing power drainage upto 16hours per day. So instead of wasting monies in relatively less important things, I think major investment shall be transferred to the hydropower because now we need a potential source of energy to uplift our both social and economic status.

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