Malvika & Riyaj – The Valentines Day Interview!

Here’s an entertaining Valentines Day interview courtesy of featuring the oh so popular Miss Nepal Malvika Subba and Riyaj Shrestha. The couple talk about pretty much everything, well you know – their first love, serious relationships of the past, what they like about each other, the dislikes, the whole process of getting married and babies. Whilst some of us would think that any family would jump at the opportunity to bring Malvika into their household, the story for the couple was a little different.

It’s honest, entertaining and gives you hope! Those that are in their late twenties and pretty much single, it’s okay – love will find its way to you. Muahaha!

Happy V Day or Friday, just have a good day!

Malvika Subba Riyaj Shrestha Intervie

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