NEW Nepal Load Shedding Schedule APP!!

Android Phones

I guess I’ll be downloading this app or something similar for my phone soon!

Nepal Load Shedding Schedule, a new mobile app by Poolsidelabs Inc is now available for Android phones. Now you don’t have to keep thinking from the top of your head regarding what hours you will be in total darkness haa! In the past few years there has been a rise in Nepali apps surfacing for Android and iOS phones and quite a lot of them have the aim of making lives easier for people living in Nepal – whether it is load shedding, finding the accurate taxi meter readings or your nearest hospital. It’s definitely good to have more of such apps – gives us more options and keeps the makers on edge to make their app the best!!

Do share if you have a favourite Nepali app that you constantly find yourself using. For me right now, it is the Kantipur one to read the news, oh, also the Republica too!

Get The APP on PlayStore

Nepal Load Shedding Schedule 1 Nepal Load Shedding Schedule

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