Free WiFi For Tourists Visiting Kathmandu Durbar Square

Photo by me, 2009.
Photo by me, 2009.

The government of Nepal really seems to be going all out for the tourists this year! Tourists visiting the Hanumandhoka/Kathmandu Durbar Square area will be provided with free WiFi access with the purchase of their tickets within the next few weeks. Unfortunately, this is only for tourists paying the SAARC price (Nrs 150) and the ‘Rest of the World’ price (Nrs 750). Even though it leaves us Nepalis out, I think that’s a fair deal since Nepalis pay very very little when compared to the foreign tourist rates. And why WiFi for those visiting the durbar square?? BECAUSE we all LOVE to share with the world where we were, what we are seeing, who we are with, what we think, how we feel – RIGHT? – So here’s to hoping there’s more Instagram posts, Tweets, Facebook check-ins! Hashtag all the way! Of course, if someone wants to know some information or cool places to drink/eat near Basantapur ie. Jeans cafe – then this wifi access will make life so much easier too!

Good one Nepal!


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