Everest Climbers To Bring Rubbish Down


Some Everest news here!!

After slashing the fees to climb the world’s highest mountain, the mountaineering department at the Tourism Ministry has shared new plans to keep Mount Everest litter free! The new initiative will urge climbers returning from Mount Everest to bring back approximately 8 kilograms of rubbish each. It’s about time that the tourism authorities introduced something like this. Unfortunately, it is not known whether there will be any strict penalties if climbers fail to bring back their quota of rubbish.

Talking to the press, the head of the mountaineering department at the Tourism Ministry Maddhu Sudan Burlakoti shared “We are not asking climbers to search and pick up trash left by someone else. We just want them to bring back what they took up”. In addition to this pick your own rubbish up campaign, the authorities will also have security personnel at the base of Mount Everest in order to avoid conflict between climbers or Sherpas. I guess the international headline grabbing fight “on top of Everest” from April 2013 really urged the tourism authorities to bring about this development.

Sounds good!

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