Who Looks Better? Malina or Harshika?

Harshika on the left. Malina on the right.

I guess this was bound to happen when you have 9 fashion shows across the country! Here are the new faces of Nepali cinema Malina Joshi and Harshika Shrestha wearing the same outfit at the TRENDSETTERS Phase 2 fashion show. The photo of Malina is from the Dhangadhi event.

Hmm! I don’t know who looks better, they both look okay… but I think Harshika looks more sharp – having said that, the dress looks better on Malina’s body. And Harshika’s top half looks too plain. But Malina’s hair looks hmm. Ahh.

So tell me – who wore it better?

Original Photos.

Harshika Shrestha again... hmmm
Harshika Shrestha

The RITU actress Malina Joshi looking hmmm.
Malina Joshi

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  1. malina has done justice to that dress by adding accessories as i can see neck piece, heel, hair do, earrings are the just right amount of touch to enhance the best look so i would definitely vote malina joshi

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