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If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how to make sel-roti or play the guitar and want to learn in Nepali then is your answer. The recently launched website is the first online Nepali learning platform. The site currently has sections for Music, Cooking, Photography, Pets and Technology. Apart from a focus on Learning, Sajilai offers an online community for users to talk, discuss, share and ask. Of course – the website needs more people to create videos in Nepali and if you have such videos then Sajilai encourages you to send your videos so that more can benefit from it.

So why Sajilai and why focus on Nepali? Here’s an answer from the founder Nikhil Sapkota:

“With the growing modernization, Nepali people are not being able to stay updated
with the latest technologies and skills and also losing interest in Nepali language
mainly due to the lack of resources and learning materials in Nepali and difficulty
in understanding English. To fill this gap we are trying to promote learning in
Nepali language and have all the necessary resources from very basic to
advanced skills in our own mother-tongue”

As the first online learning platform of Nepal, Sajilai Sikaun aims to become the largest Nepali learning library online and a global destination for learning in Nepali. It plans to cater to Nepalis from every corner of Nepal and the world. So start sharing your skill and learn something new right away – visit Stay connected by joining Sakilai on Facebook and Twitter.


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