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Nepal First : Pahile Nepali, Pahila Nepali
Nepal First : Pahile Nepali, Pahila Nepali

I was on my daily browse online when I came across this post by the CEO of Mega Bank Anil Keshari Shah and I thought it was a point that we should remind ourselves of (or inform). Known by many as an inspiring figure and a person that motivates the youth, Shah is also currently promoting the initiative Nepal First Pahile Nepali Pahila Nepali. The initiatives ‘About Me’ on Facebook reads: “We are first a Nepali and our first priority is Nepal! We want to ensure that this singular view of ours is heard by all, loud and clear”. Pretty clear – we should always think in unity and not in fractions.

Rajesh Hamal and Anil Shah
Rajesh Hamal and Anil Shah with the Nepal First logo!

Here’s the post:

As a nation we have been through many historic transformations in our recent past. Political transformation that has seen us move from a monarchy to multi party to Republic. Social transformation that has seen us move from a caste based society to one where each of us is no less or no more than any other Nepali. Religious transformation that has seen us move from a Hindu state to a secular nation. Educational transformation where we have more colleges and schools producing high quality human resources than ever before in our history… But all these transformations are just paths we are taking towards the real transformation that the nation and its citizens are seeking and that transformation is ‘Economic Transformation.

While there are many ways to get to the desired destination of Economic Transformation as a nation we need to concentrate on our nation’s 5 Core Economic Pillars:
Services Sector
Manufacturing & Skill/Productivity Enhancement

1. Agriculture
a. Enhancing productivity through land reform
b. Cooperative and Corporate farming
c. Greater value added production
d. Herbs and jungle product development

2. Tourism
a. Hotels, Lodges & Restaurants
b. Trekking & Mountaineering
c. Adventure sports & Value added activities
d. Associated supply chain industries to increase use of local products

3. Infrastructure
a. Hydro Power
b. Cement
c. Road connectivity & Transportation
d. Mines

4. Services Sector
a. Financial
b. Healthcare
c. Education
d. Trading
e. BPO or Outsourcing
f. Information Technology

5. Skill & Productivity Enhancement
a. Convert our population from a liability to an asset by up-skilling
b. Vocational training to increase skilled manpower for domestic industry and labor export
c. Education that produces job creators and not just job seekers

However regardless of which pillar we look at or are involved in the underlying common denominator for the development of all the Core Areas is currently the need for ‘Political Stability’. Without strong leadership at the helm and a shared economic vision amongst the various players in the political arena it is impossible to move the nation’s economic agenda forward. The time has come for us all to realize that no matter what transformation we undergo, political, social, religious etc. the main transformation we need to build a peaceful and prosperous Nepal is ‘Economic Transformation’. Without this no other transformation will be able to deliver the results we seek as a nation on a sustainable basis. And these 5 Pillars are on which we must build our economy for this economic transformation to be realized.

Yes no doubt that the promulgation of our new Constitution is of critical importance, but while the population at large may believe that this is the end all and be all solution for our nation, I would hope that a group of intellectuals like ourselves realize and start articulating what the actual goal or destination for us all as a nation state actually is. Let us stop saying and believing, what our politicians have all inculcated in us all, that unless the political agenda is settled we cannot think of any other agenda And now let us not forget that a government lead and comprising of all non political individuals not only managed to hold the nation together, but conducted one of the most peaceful and well participated elections, when almost everyone believed that it could never be done. So a precedence has been set and a door opened in the minds of the Nepali people that the failure of political parties and political leaders to deliver does not mean the end of the world, there will always be other ways to move forward. But no matter which way we choose to move forward and which transformations we propagate in the days ahead, the true transformation that we need is ‘Economic Transformation’ for that is our destination the rest just paths to reach there. Anil Keshari Shah

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