LAURE and 1974 AD Confirmed For LG NITE UK!!!


Yepp – You read it right!

NepHop star LAURE and the iconic band 1974 AD will be making their way to London in June for LG NITE UK 2014!!! The big night is set to take place at the o2 Academy in Brixton on the 7th of June, a first for Nepali events. Joining LAURE will be Gun Ace and UK’s very own DJ BICKEY and DJ CVA!

The rapper who made a name for himself after his encounter with Unik Poet at the Raw Barz rap battle was also part of the LG NITE 10 celebration in Hong Kong earlier this year. The 5000 capacity venue will be open from 7PM and has seen the likes of RnB star Frank Ocean, Kesha and pop icon Madonna in the past. Tickets are on sale for £30 and lets just say, this is an event you probably want to be part of – c’mon, 1974 AD AND LAURE! Some next level shizz for sure!

1974 AD
Gun Ace
o2 Academy Brixton
Victoria Line
Doors Open 7PM
07446 857224 (Lav Gurung)
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    Living for almost half of a decade in switzerland and being an outmost outgoing Piece of shit, I presumely was mostly disssapointed at THE NOT able to give birth to Talent that speaks The int’l voice from our beloved Nepal. However, should we continue to keep this spirit “For the Nepali, From Nepal” we can believe in a break through one fine day (could also be one messy nite) from a passionate, cool crazy artist. Cheers Dev Rai

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