Who Looks Better? Ishani or Malina?

Miss Nepals Malina Joshi and Ishani Shrestha wear SUBEXYA BHADEL
Miss Nepals Malina Joshi and Ishani Shrestha wear SUBEXYA BHADEL

So what have we here!

Former Miss Nepal Malina Joshi and the present Miss Nepal Ishani Shrestha shared a photo of them wearing a green dress by Subexya Bhadel. Whilst Malina pulls off quite a pose and flaunts her curves, Ishani sticks with a traditional beauty queen pose. It might be the photo quality and the pose but I definitely think Malina works the dress better here. Having said that, I am not a fan of the green dress – the frilly part in the bottom comes across a little tacky. That’s just my opinion so there’s no need to throw comments such as “respect talent” etc. I enjoy observing the designs by Subexya Bhadel – particularly liked the lime green dress worn by Jharana Bajracharya in Hong Kong.

On a similar note, the designer is also making quite a name for herself. After dressing beauty queens to actresses – Subexya also landed on the cover of Australian Nepali magazine Plus 977! She looks good! Totally working it!


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