Using Google Glass to Protect Nepal’s Animals

Whilst many of us believe that the Google Glass would be a perfect way to evolve social networking and smart-phones, it is also a clever way to help in different areas including conservation. Click Play and find out how WWF Nepal’s Sabita Malla uses the Google Glass to monitor rhinos, take notes while she’s in the wild and capture photos instantly.

Pretty impressive way to promote the Google Glass!

WWF Nepal's Sabita Malla.
WWF Nepal’s Sabita Malla.

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Lex Limbu
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  1. very impressive concept from Google. WWF working with Google seems optimistic. hope to see some more good results in the field of wildlife preservation and rare species protection. Gud luck

  2. Aww I am very impressed most of the important updates of Nepal, I get it from ..keep up the good work.

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