Hema Shrestha Looks Hot in Sabin Rai and The Elektrix Video!

Sabin Rai and The Elektrix just released their latest track DIN RA RAAT with model/actress Hema Shrestha in the music video! How HOT does Hema Shrestha look??? From kicking some serious butt in HASIYA to scorching the screen in Din Ra Raat, Shrestha does really bring it! The video has been directed by Naren Limbu.

Hema Shrestha in Din Ra Raat.
Hema Shrestha in Din Ra Raat.

Vocal : Sabin Rai
Guitar : Nikesh K.c
Guitar : Mimesh Manandhar
Drums: Binod Lama Tamang
Bass guiitar: Deepak Shakya
Photographers : Samir Shrestha / Anlesh Dangol / Bryan Rai

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  1. Lex,
    with due respect i can see how u cover all the other interesting news in your blog. i really enjoyed your documentary series. God bless you for that. But when it comes to music i kind of think you don’t have much of say on it. it would be really nice to actually get analysis of the song as well. lyrical and well as musical. trust me people like you should take lead on making people understand the true meaning of music and try to make them understand entertainment is not only the interesting part.
    Do great.

    • Bro, the problem is that the lyrics and the video doesn’t flow together. “Bhetna jaada kay kay kura bhanchu bhanera samjhanchu… Birsi Dhinchu…” Obvious the guy would forget if he sees the girl semi-nude. the lyrics expresses his love for her but the girl is totally flirting with the viewer’s eyes. lust and love don’t mix together. in short, the true meaning is twisted in the video itself.

  2. bottom line,
    Corporations uses models to promote songs pushing thigh gaps far beyond the reach of of the real world.

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