Haatma Ajako Raatma Item Song From HASIYA!!

So here’s the item song from the upcoming action thriller HASIYA! Haatma Ajako Raatma has the dusky Priyanka Karki and the sizzling Hema Shrestha. The video has been choreographed by the popular Renasha Bantawa Rai and the song is by the super talented Subani Moktan.

Now honest talks – the video does not offer anything new, the choreography is okay, the actresses Priyanka and Hema look on point so well done to the make-up and styling team and the song could have been better! Well that’s my thoughts on Haatma Ajako Raatma,

What do you think?

In Action : Priyanka and Hema
In Action : Priyanka and Hema

PS. Item songs should be like Udhreko Choli haha! So good!

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