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My dad has always been my No.1 Cheerleader from day one. I remember when I was 10 I drew a portrait of my uncle… I didn’t even think it looked like Him but my Dad was so proud he showed it to everyone haha. I know a lot of people in my country always gave him a hard time when they found out he had 4 daughters.Daughters are looked as a burden to the family in poor countries like mine. But He never let that bother him and always encouraged me to do what I love. And that’s the reason why I am here today. Love you dad – Promise Tamang.

So the ace make-up guru Promise Tamang shared a throwback photo of her and her father with the following caption and I thought it would be worth sharing via the blog too! Even though I would love to say it doesn’t happen anymore but it continues to be a thing that people are hell-bent upon asking – why a certain family doesn’t have a son? Some husbands leave their wives on a quest to find one who will bring a baby boy into the family, to carry the name forward whilst the new wives are left with little, humiliated and slowly becoming the focus of gossip in the community. Then again, every new day means a new opportunity to change one view, one person and one life – the sooner we ride this wave, the better!

Promise will be joined by her family from Nepal very soon. Exciting times for her, her husband and her family!

I really like her transformation of Katy Perry from the Dark Horse video! Love the song too!


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