Ek Chin with Promise Tamang

On June 28th next month, 21 year-old Promise Tamang will complete two years of being a Beauty guru on YouTube. It didn’t take long for this Patan born YouTuber to build her popularity. For me, it was her Avatar girl video that captured my interest and subsequently led me to find out who she is. The Avatar video currently has view’s that exceed 1 million but her most viewed is her make-up transformation to Angelina Jolie. Now do we even have to wonder why?

It only takes two words ‘Hey Guys’ from Promise in her video’s for us to see the enchantress that she is. For some she’s beautiful, she’s pretty; she’s dangerously seductive. She is the femme fatale that make’s many guy’s jaws drop. With an army of 216,000+ Subscribers Promise is probably the most subscribed and viewed Nepalese YouTuber. The self-taught make up guru made news online with her quick marriage to Michelle Phan’s (Popular YouTube Guru) brother, Steve. Though many have raised questions in regards to their marriage, Promise is happy with her decision. When she’s not uploading incredibly super videos on YouTube she can actively be found on Facebook, another portal which she has utilized with more than 48,000 supporters. Her link shares are often entertaining, it ranges from sharing of animal videos and picture uploads of her dog Nimbus to her new fascination with Illuminati. Not to forget, it’s wonderful to see someone so far away from her motherland yet remembering Nepal through photo’s that she frequently shares. She tells me there’s nothing better than eating Momo and Chow-mein from a bhatti and a ‘pero pero chanachatpatey’, now I cannot quite imagine her in a slightly dark and smelly bhatti but there you have it. When asked where her favourite hang-out place in Nepal is, Boomerang Restaurant in Pokhara top’s her list. It’s the views of Fewa Tal that appeals to our Miss Tamang. It’s probably also because she lives’ in Pokhara.

I am sorry for making so many of you wait for such a long time but here it is. The femme fatale in her own words; Ek Chin with Promise Tamang.

We know you; Promise Tamang as a high-flying YouTube Make-up guru but when you’re not busy making men’s jaw drop what do you actually do for a living?Right now YouTube is my Job .After you have a certain amount of Subscribers and Viewers on YouTube. You get paid pretty well.

Initially, did you think you would be appreciated by the mass so much?No way! It’s still a mystery to me why people liked my Avatar make-up so much.

Not long after your popularity on YouTube you quickly got married to Steven Phan, how has married life treated both of you so far?Yes. He saw my Avatar picture and was really impressed. Then we became friends and ended up being a couple 🙂 Married life is wonderful. Can’t imagine a better guy to spend my life with.

When together with Michelle Phan, how do you normally spend your time?We talk about life, family and future plans most of the time .She specially enjoys hearing Ghost stories of Nepal.

Now, I’m sure you are aware of the social stigma regarding inter-racial marriage in the Nepalese society. So what was the reaction from your family when they came to know of your marriage plans with someone who is of Vietnamese-American descent? My parents are super chill. So that wasn’t a problem. They just wanted me to be happy and marry the man I truly love.

Most people came to know of you from your Avatar Make-up tutorial which was absolutely brilliant. I only went to watch the movie after seeing you. What is your best make-up transformation till date?As of now, my best make-up transformation is Angelina Jolie.

Do you have any plans to make a Nepali-oriented video, maybe do a transformation video of Rajesh Hamal?Right now I feel like I don’t have a huge Nepalese fan base so I will have to wait until the time is right.

When was the last time you visited Nepal?The last visit to Nepal was two years ago. I spent most of my time enjoying the view of Pokhara from hills of Gharmi.

Is there anything in particular that you want to do during your next visit to Nepal? I’m planning to spend time with family and friends and most importantly just enjoy the peace and calmness.

What’s next for Promise Tamang Phan? Next video will probably be A Graduation Make-up look with Michelle.

Lastly, is there anything that you would like to say to all of your Nepali supporters? I want to Thank all my Nepali Brothers and Sisters for watching my videos and taking your precious time to write me such sweet encouraging messages. I really appreciate your love and will always try to keep you guys entertained with what I do best.

Quick Tips by Promise

In your tutorials you seem to have your eyebrows done beforehand; what’s the process you go through to give it the sleek outlook?I usually have my eyebrows done before hand because my eyebrows are pretty thin. I keep it this way so I can change my Eyebrow shapes easily according to the Celebrity I am planning to transform into. I don’t want to give my viewers the wrong idea of keeping their eyebrows too thin. To achieve the perfect brows I apply a concealer around my brows after filling in my brows with an Eyebrow Pencil!

Promise, I have acne problem that leaves me with a lot of redness in my face and it is normally very dry. What do you suggest?Everyone has acne because of different reasons .I get acne when my face gets too oily. My husband gets them when he is super stressed out. Drinking lots of water and avoiding fried foods does the trick for almost everyone .Since I had kidney stones I’ve been drinking 6 bottles of water a Day and I can’t believe how clear my skin looks .Also You can always try the Easy Home remedies creating pastes using Egg Yolks, aloe vera, honey, Tumeric Powder, basil etc.

How much make-up is too much? I would say it depends. In the day time girls should try to go for more natural lighter Make-up looks. And at night time go for contour and add more colours to your face!

Would you ever go under the knife to perfect yourself? Great Question! As tempting as it is to perfect all my imperfections, I am such a wuss. I still close my eyes and squeeze someone’s hand when I get my shots haha

Have you ever put make-up on your husband?
Maybe 😀


My craziest night-out was: Clubbing for the first and the last time. My friend had to say we were lesbians to keep the drunk guys away.
The Nepali dude with the finest body is: Sexy Shishi or Bhuwan K.C, It’s a tie
When I’m not spending time with Nimbus I: am cooking and spending time with my HUBBY 
If the world ends in 2012 then I will: try out every restaurants in my city 
Lexlimbu.com is: Dope…I am a Big Fan of Mr .Lex Limbu

Lex Limbuhttps://lexlimbu.com
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. I always thought she was a lesbian. good to hear that she isnt one. Although I dont really care but bet her husband is happy. Without make up she isnt the best looking Nepal-Phillipino girl.

  2. omg u dumbass why would you hate her or her hubby just coz she is married to a filipino??? open your eyes you narrow minded jackass??? you should be supporting her oh well it wouldn’t matter if u hate her coz there many more who love her including me. I love you promise and keep doing what you are and thank you lex for the EK chin with her was eagerley waiting for this. bbut I have to say I am a little dissapointed as I was expecting to get more interesting inside story about her but oh well I am happy 🙂
    gud job p.s I thought ek chin was quite short or is it just me lol!!

  3. Vietnamese ho not Phile

    Eso halka Michelle Phan lai pani question ask garnu parne ni
    Ek Chin ma aauchau bhanera lol

  4. so this was what we all were waiting for? I am so not interested in her personal life…kinda disappointed. this should have been about her tutorials and stuff and not about her hubby or whatever..

  5. Are you guys illiterate or what? It says she’s married to Steven Phan who is of Vietnamese-American descent!!!

    Thumbs up to both Lex and Promise for their time and dedication. Keep up the good work and stay strong 🙂

  6. yeah its better to going POIEELA with Asian rather than Nigga or Musalman ….

    i have no objection bout her Poieelo.
    But i dont like her at all…

  7. haha. yeah i guess more Nepali girls are gonna marry Philippino dudes. but i dont care. she is fugly. yuck

  8. Such a talented and amazing woman! I love doing different things with my make-up and look forward to Promise’s youtube videos! Naturally gorgeous aswell, keep it up Promise!
    Love tasha from england x

  9. hella racist here and it says their vietnamesse not filipino and so what what if she marrys a filipino dude?! well more people appreciate and love what youre doing promise so dont even get bothered by negative people.

  10. The interviewer seemed to ask to many personal questions. It should have been more about your tutorials. Love ya!

  11. I feel like lex wasted a lot of time asking about her personal stuff. I was expecting some ‘gyan’ on makeup or how she came up with such amazing work and her inspirations you know. I DON’T CARE WHO SHE MARRIES!

  12. i was expecting a little more ..her answers are like one line and only to the point which doesnot make it so interesting

  13. I loved to know more about you! You’re beautiful and really sweet. Your husband is surely a luck guy!

  14. Pretty Promise….i love your makeup… you are a great inspiration to all the nepalese people….. and yes… i loved your angelina jolie and the avatar look mucho… .. and girl ur so talented… i wish u all the best in ur field… and to all the haters… too much jealosy in the air… myan get a life…DUH… !!!

    P.S… i hope i get to see you in the big magazines bery berry soon … :))

  15. Promise, you’re beautiful! Don’t waste your time with these haters, they don’t know what they’re talking about! You have an amazing talent and I know you’ll go far.

    Proud to be Nepalese, keep doing your thing girl! 😉

  16. nice interview….but wasn’t enough. where r those questions with momo n stuff hahahahaha……pulling legs n discriminating others are pure nepalese. I am so embarrassed with these people. Hoever, Promise you make us proud to say I am Nepalese and you too lexy….. Bitchy questions as expected from u…

  17. bullshit.i hate this crabs. if u hate her, then why are u here reading her article and pretending to post a bitter comment? meaning, u adore her and her talent coz u are following her facebook. u are here because of the link she post in her wall regarding this interview. u crabs came a long way to reach this page. so stop pretending to be u disliked her. i know u are all here because u like her and would love to know more about her. so crabs, if you’re jealous, embrace it.coz u are hopeless and desparate.
    promise, keep doing what u’re doing. stay pretty and humble coz people will love u more. God bless and Goodluck to every endeavor u’ll undertake.cheers!

  18. Promise don’t listen to the HATERS.. you’re super AWESOME ~
    p.s. Love you Promise & always will support you ~

  19. way to goooo grl….u r hwat…nd super talented…u make nepal proud…nd pkr even prouder….keep up da gud work

  20. We should be proud! of her!! As Nepali she is also representing Nepal! in international market! Can we have Respect!!!support!!! n humility?? Hamro nepali haru kina khutta tanney bani cha aja pani!!!! Common!! hami k expect garnuparyo ra hamro Political leaders haru bata hamro attitude nai thik nabhaye!!!! good words doesn’t cost u Dollars $$$!!! be good n be supporter when our generation is doing something good!!!!

  21. We should be proud! of her!! As Nepali she is also representing Nepal! in international market! Can we have Respect!!!support!!! n humility?? Hamro nepali haru kina khutta tanney bani cha aja pani!!!! Common!! hami k expect garnuparyo ra hamro Political leaders haru bata hamro attitude nai thik nabhaye!!!! good words doesn’t cost u Dollars $$$!!! be good n be supporter when our generation is doing something good!!!!

    Keep it up! Promise!! We love you!
    Thank u Lex!! U R Superb Man!!! ~~@. .@
    Thumps up!

  22. i guess some people are just jealous of other’s success.
    the things Promise does inspires many girls and maybe boys too so marrying a veitnamese shouldnt be an issue.

    keep it up promise dd

    xx 🙂 xx

  23. she is talented…n thats a FACT.. She is happy with her life which I think matter the most….there are so many ppl making it an issue..well, she is absolutely doin’ a gr8 job and we should be PROUD..
    I really enjoyed going through this interview…got to know her…Thank you Lex Limbu!!! You are wonderful!! God Bless you both!! xx

  24. As a Nepali i hope c wil cme up wid sme Nepalese flavour tutorial including nepalese different cultures and races……there are many thngs c can show thru her tutorials to make nepalese ppol proud…i hope u will do sme day….and promise u r super talented .keep it up…..

  25. Promise Tamang is a beautiful lady with/without makeup.So what if she married a Vietnamese-American descent,that’s even better than marrying a nepali guy who thinks and underestimates nepalese women. For me,personally..Promise Tamang is a good example for nepalese society..i mean,come on..this is a 21st century..She is talented and stunning..All the best to you Promise:) Supports you all the way..

  26. I Was Dissapointed By This Ek Chin .
    I Was Reallyy Lookingg Forward To Itt .
    Butt None The Less .
    Promisee ROCKS ! : D

  27. she is incredibly talented and successful nepalese woman and we should be inspired by her. And who’s to say whats right and wrong about marrying the person she loves. haters will keep hating because they are simply jelous they don’t have the talent like hers. Promise keep going at what you are best at and don’t let negativity bring you down..

  28. she is nepalese not filipino but better to say japanese-nepalese gal from nepal……

  29. to haters of promise – i hate losers, monkeys never build their homes but always destroy others…
    to promise – honestly from u promise, i understand the real meaning of beauty of woman, i respect!! u r not only pride of nepalese but also pride of all ppl of this world. best wishes for ur future. watever, love ur haters too….
    to lex brother – no more personal questions, don’t go after cheap publicity, plzz maintain pride of nepalese, pride of gurkhas….

  30. LEXX PLEASE ASK HER TO DO AMBER ROSE TRANSFORMATION PLEASE???????????????????????????????????

  31. Not hating, Promise is an exceptionally talented individual but I think the individuality needs to strike out more. Dont like the fact that she uses the ‘Michelle Phan’s sister in law’ status occasionally ; maybe they have some sort of mutual agreement but hopefully, Promise would be able to prove that she doesnt need Michelle Phan to be famous. Talent speaks for itself. Best wishes XX

  32. you guys are right. it doesnt matter if she marries a pinoy guy or nepali guy. its her choice but putting some makeup might be artistic but she is not natural beauty. she is fake and fugly. she is a shame on nepalese, we should ignore her.

    and her nepali citizen should be disbanded n she can take phillipino citizenship proudly.

    Jai Gorkhali
    Jai Nepali

  33. ^
    Afnai Nepal ko Chori cheli lai ugly bhandei ajai ” Jai Nepal” lekchas
    laaj nabhako condo jasto Nepali haru

    Thukkah TALAI MULA

  34. Really proud of Promise, she is good at what she does and what ever lex has written ..it was as interesting and fun as ever!

  35. Promise,u go girl.You made us proud.Wish u all the success and happiness.Keep up the good work.

  36. I don’t understand the drama of forcing her to be Pinoy and despite repeating the same thing over and over again that she is not Pinoy, why you are forcing oneself.Some people have serious issues with Pinoy aka filipino I guess.People need to grow up or rather travel and understand people from different background.How naiive and immature is it to put Jai Nepal and Jai gorkhali in the end just to think that you are patroitic? It is same like after gnashing and pounding you throw a big bandage on the wound as if to say that you are good person.Please stop this futile attempt and I wish I could sue people and in your own word disband you from your nepali citizenship, for using those jai Gorkhali and Jai nepal for the wrong context.You sound bitter over life.The mere use of pinoy here over and over makes you racist and also that you can’t probably read do you? because nowhere it is mentioned that she is pinoy.Prolly, you have just graduated from high school and in that context everyone should be kind to you but that also must be ages ago because kids these days are way smarter than you left school.Take your verbally immature virus somewhere else where people like you gather and have feast over all the things consider obnoxious by mature people.

  37. I swear some people make me embarressed to be Nepali with these narrow minded comments. She is a beautiful, talented and well spoken young woman who is out there doing something for herself. Who cares if she isnt married to someone thats Nepali. Its 2011 Grow up.

  38. i love all her tutorials, she is really talented and i personally respect her and find her works amazing but after visiting to many blogs about her and her popularity linked with her famous sister which she names her sister in law everywhere, i kinda thought she sought attention through michelle phan instead of creating her own identity
    and like its said on those blogs,which now i agree too, she always tries to make the videos like the way her sister in law does, now u have ur own identity promise, u dont have to imitate her, pls stop making videos with that weird voice over after 5 mins of pause for each word…..well now we cant see the tags with those big names like petrilude, or kandee johnson or michelle phan on her video tags, but i heard she used to use those names to make more views of her videos and i also heard after getting some number of subscribers she once updated her status implying that to b e the way to get more $$$…well i dnt know how much of that is true…but many fans of hers were really saddened with her such remarks….

    ..well no matter what, we always have had nepali pride with our Promise Tamang, atleast we can proudly say she is from my Nepal, keep on going Promise, much <3

  39. She is undoubtedly super-talented and is really good at what she does. Learn to appreciate people! you guys are not voicing your opinion but just commenting out of jealousy or else why would you comment on her personal life rather than her amazing creativities?

    PS: Promise! keep up the good work:)

  40. Best Ek chin ever – first one that i read throughout hehe I love Promise n her work, c’z a true artist. I would love 2c a rajesh hamal transformation n wt promise u ve a huge nepali fan base! wt r u on gurl? n gr8 acne tips thakka i was eating a muffin 🙁 bad idea anyhow cant w8 2 c ur graduation makeover. much love laxcha xxx

  41. Seriously ppl….Philippino Nep gal or japanese-nepalese gal ?? frm when did TAMANG caste represents phillipino or japanese??? please think before what u write

    and the guy is American Vietnamese not a Philippino…and u guys dont have any rights to judge or tell her with whom she needs to spend her life for….who the FUCK are u guys to say that…and after all those stupid comments u guys put JAI NEPAL….laaj saram chaina ki kya ho….I dnt think our country ever advocated for racism.


  43. great job you guys…
    promise: thanks a lot for your tutorials they are all great. you are very talented and good luck in all your future endeavors

  44. I think Promise Tamang is a talented girl. And I like the fact she is down to the earth without being fake. And I seriously don’t understand why are nepalese people so narrow minded with their ignorance and the comments they are making. To be honest, it’s her choice to marry who she loves. I fully support you Promise for making all of us nepalese people proud specially by living aboard. And lastly haters will be haters but you have double the number of fans who adore you. 🙂

  45. The first time i saw Promise on you tube,I was utterly amazed with her talent And later knowing that she was a Nepali ..nothing could make me Prouder!

    Good luck Promise!!
    I’m sure one day you ll make it to Hollywood !!!

    Love from Nepal —

    And why bother about her looks?
    She is definitely beautiful and For all those who think she is ugly I hav smth to tell ya…
    Her Talent Is her Beauty!!!

  46. live for others, respect others, love haters, try to putt smiles on others.. life is very beautiful. PEACE N’ LOVE. NEPALESE PRIDE WORLD WIDE!!!

  47. I am guessing it’s the guys who are hating on Promise.
    Probably jealous they didn’t pick someone like them to be with but why are Nepali guys so racist? And to pretend they are patriotic but they just can’t stand girls who think outside the box and look around the world with open eyes.

    And she creates amazing looks in the tutorials and she is getting PAID for it so making a living out of what she loves doing and she’s got the guy of her dreams. She never even said she is pretty or anything but petty people always find something to pick on.

    Their own lives must suck so they pick on others on the internet to make them feel better!

  48. gr8 job lex !!!
    liked the way u asked abt acne prbs.. 😛 im gonna try tht one too .. [ LOL ] thanks lex !!! n i love PROMISE <33

  49. Steve Phan is not a filipino dumbass! Didn’t you read? He is VIETNAMESE-AMERICAN DESCENT dumb dumb! You RACIST!!!!

  50. the guy who keep on imposing about Filipino and Vietnamese is super dumb!!! hey dude they don’t live for you appreciation dumb ass!! its definitely not your business!!!

  51. Haha this guy is really out of his mind. I think he is having some psychological issues. And hallucinating about the steve’s place of origin or possibly he is weak in general knowledge. Go and get some counselling dude. You really need some help. Get well soon 🙂

  52. I love your work Promise, I could watch you and Michelle all day because you guys inspire me. I was skimming through the comments and saw a lot of negative feeds on the marriage. Its obviously none of nobody business who you marry or what he is. Keep doing a good job on the videos. Much love. -One of your biggest fan!

  53. Some people can’t read apparently. She’s Nepalese, she married a Vietnamese-American. There’s nothing about Filipinos. And so what if she married a Filipino? The bigots among you need to get out more, read more, educate yourself. Or, you can just sit in your parent’s basement, be stupid losers and continue being e-thugs hiding anonymously behind the computer screen – God knows you’d probably get beat up in real life with stupid attitudes like that.

  54. Go Promise! I absolutely love all your make up tutorials on youtube. Thank you Lex for doing this interview with her! 🙂


  55. Leaving comment after such a long time… It make me sick that you as a Nepali making shameless comment about another Nepali who is just trying show her talent,… And wassup with she is not real.. Common dude are you serious.. I think most real and beautiful girls are Nepali.. (no offence to girls from other country hehe) have you ever encountered any Nepali girl with plastic surgery .. 100% sure the answer going to be NO … And wassup with people saying , “you can say she is Japanese Nepali ( what is that , where does Japanese-Nepali came from) she ain’t even mix dude .. And I don’t understand those people who think getting comment on looking like another race is compliment ( mostly korean, Japanese ) and people saying ” WOW YOU LOOK LIKE KOREAN” As a compliment zzzzzz” .. Why not “what a Nepali beauty” as a compliment , dont you think its better than referring as another race … Niwai much <3 everyone
    P.s : STOP HATING 🙂

  56. LOL! First of all, she is married to a Vietnamese guy. Not Filipino. And if you’re gona hate, know the person better before you chat shit about them! You guys are such a disgrace!

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