$1.9 Million Lottery Win for Mahendra KC!

Congrats to Mr KC and the family! Kerrchinggg!
Congrats to Mr KC and the family! Kerrchinggg!

Dream big and work hard or buy the lottery every week and keep dreaming!

Looks like the second one worked for fifty-year old Mahendra KC from San Francisco. The Nepali cab driver won the lottery worth US $1.9 Million earlier this week. 10 Years of buying lottery tickets came to a good use for the KC family as they plan to use the money to support medical treatment and pay off outstanding student loans.

Congrats! Hope they do not splurge it all – we’ve read and seen far too many list of “Lottery Winners Who Are Now Broke”.

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  1. la badhai xa hai… paisa thik kura ma sadupayog hos… pariwar ma khusi chawos…
    yehi xa KC pariwar ko lagi kamana… 🙂

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