Unforgettable Nepali Version of BABY DOLL

I guess this was bound to happen!

Here is our very own Nepali version of the popular Bollywood item song BABY DOLL. Few very very very very “gifted” individuals seem to have collaborated together to create this amazingly catchy song with a flawless video which gives Bhim Niruoula’s Sunday Morning Love You a stiff competition. What can I say! I am just amazed!

LOL. Ofc that’s all sarcasm. I just cannot believe this.

“Suna Suna Maobadi Lakkha” – Oh god. Too much internet for a day.

Nepali Baby Doll

PS. Erm… please don’t shoot me but I think I like the lyrics. Laaaah! “eh ghaito ma kaile laggcha gham??” hahahahahaahah.

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  1. nepali himesh ko soor…lol…tesmathi yo ko moti cartoon…sunny lai heart attack aaunu ber xaina..still sarcastic song…lyrics is okk

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