Kesha Pariyar – Cast Out; Voted In

Kesha Pariyar is a woman who went against all odds!

The mother of six daughters faced a difficult time early on in life for not bearing a son. Comments from people in the society never dogged her down; she aspired for more and today she has continued with her traditional profession of tailoring instead of shying away from it. Kesha is a budding entrepreneur who has received international recognition and is an important player in both the District and National Entrepreneurs Federations. From being seated at the edge of the meeting venues and fed separately in the past to sitting side by side with the other “stakeholders” of the community, Pariyar shares “the view of society towards me has changed”. She further adds “what I have realised is that only you can make a difference”.

Video by D J Clark.

Kesha Pariyar

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