HELPING YOU’s First Walking Group On Sunday

Helping You Team
Helping You Team

Helping You is a non-profit organisation established in May 2014 by a group of young Nepali adults based in the UK. The organisation aims to bring together the youth who are passionate about helping those in desperate need and those struggling within the wider Nepalese community in the UK.

The active team at Helping You have their very first WALKING GROUP event taking place on Sunday, the 3rd of August 2014. The walking group project is aimed towards the elderly population who have settled in the UK. As it is the first day of the “walk”, the team strongly advise you (younger generation) to guide your grandparents to the venue from where the walk will commence. 

One of the groups from Alperton, Sudbury and Wembley, will gather next to Alperton Station and will commence the walk from the canal side. Whereas, another group will gather at Northolt and start the walk from there. Both groups are expected to commence the walk at 9AM sharp. The team at HELPING YOU request you to arrive on time with your grandparents.

“As the younger generation, we believe that it is our responsibility to guide and teach our grandparents the things that they do not know or understand. Therefore, please spread the word and bring your grandparents and/or relatives together” – Helping You

Great action! I can’t wait to update you guys more and I wish HELPING YOU all the best with the first walking group and the future of the organisation.

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