Dying Candle – Nepali Film Trailer

Just stumbled across the DYING CANDLE – Nepali film trailer! It looks pretty good and real. Unfortunately, after a quick search online I discovered that the film will only release on 15 December 2015 (IMDB). WOW! That is such a long time away! More than a year! I wonder what was the rush to get the trailer out now. UNLESS the date was supposed to be 2014 LOL.

The film by Naresh Kumar KC stars Srijana Subba, Saugat Malla, Aarpan Thapa and more. Apparently the total budget for the film was Nrs 7,000,000 (IMDB).

Here’s a little something about DYING CANDLE from IMDB:

A sister fights all odds to take care of her young brother, until things fall apart, and she is left with no option but sell her dignity to save her brother’s life.

Hmm! Maybe the film’s made for the film festival scene! Hope to see it one day!

PS. Srijana Subba played Saugat Malla’s wife in LOOT!

Photo: DYING CANDLE Facebook Page
Photo: DYING CANDLE Facebook Page

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