BhatBhateni Kalanki – Now Open! PHOTOS!

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So I went over to the brand new BhatBhateni store in Kalanki yesterday and it was literally mayhem! There were people left, right and centre! The new Kalanki store is the ninth BhatBhateni and the biggest so far! Unlike the previous BhatBhatenis dotted around the city, BhatBhateni Kalanki is spread out across one floor only! Think of ASDA or Tesco – for the folks who have experienced shopping there! I definitely prefer everything spread out across one floor rather than going up and down 4-5 floors. President and Managing director of the super-store Min Bahadur Gurung was also present at the store. Of course, I stopped by to congratulate him too!

You should have seen the queue for ice-creams outside – I was just speechless! Even the queues inside! Crazy!

Congrats BhatBhateni Family – now I just hope that the staff there also learn a thing or two from the main boss Min Bahadur Gurung and crack a smile sometimes and look half-interested to actually being there and serving the customers 😉

PS. I took all the photos – in case anyone was wondering.

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  1. I wonder why the currency symbol used in the vegetable section (the one with parwal and beans) is in Japanese Yen !!

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