Introducing YACHNA RIZAL

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Photographer – Praveen Chettri
Model – Sunaina Rai

Kalimpong’s Yachna Rizal started her journey into the world of fashion when she quit her job as an engineer in Bangalore and followed her decision to study luxury brands. The big move to Delhi is where it all happened. Rizal worked for brands such as CHANEL and even got the opportunity to attend the Milan Fashion Week and take on a project with the Naba Institute. As her passion for luxury brands grew by day, the twenty-seven year old designer started to see the same things differently. She started to really understand and fell in love with handmade fabrics, embroidery work and made to measure garments upon her return to India and Nepal. She wanted to take fariya and gunyo choli and make it stylish, make it trendy and she has no intention of stopping there. Her next project will focus on silk for weaving Dhaka and making exclusive silk Dhaka sarees and Dhaka fabric. The price range for Yachna Rizal’s current collection starts from 10500INR to 19500INR. The designer who has her workshop in Silliguri travels back and forth Nepal and Delhi to meet Dhaka weavers, fabrics and embroidery work.

“Our culture is diverse and I have plenty of inspiration and ideas already. I am looking forward to make this all actually happen” – Yachna Rizal

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