Lance Clark in Kathmandu for Soul of Nepal!

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The famous CLARKS shoes brand is available in Nepal but more importantly, a sixth generation member of the CLARKS shoes family and its former head LANCE CLARK was recently spotted in Kathmandu. Lance Clark is currently in Nepal to see if he can set-up a social business similar to that of Soul of Africa. Soul of Africa sells shoes produced in several African countries, creates jobs for people in Africa and supports orphans in the continent. Clark is in Nepal with hopes to start Soul of Nepal.

In a recent interview with Nepali Times, Dulma Clark of Soul of Africa shared:

“Our objective in Nepal is to develop a distinctive shoe style with unique identity which is true to its Nepali origins and would be sellable on the world markets. We have been in communications with The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts in the UK to help us on design and product development. The team from Alliance Nepal has also been providing us with invaluable information necessary to start the project.”

The interest in Nepal and Soul of Nepal began for Lance Clark after reading a book written by close friend Sheron Hendry ‘Radhika’s Story’. Once the social business is set-up, it is believed that Soul of Nepal will focus on Nepali girls and education for women and rehabilitation of victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

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