Saugat Malla and Priyanka Karki in Shree Panch Ambare Song!

I was surfing across the internet and checking out new film trailers when I stumbled across Shree 5 Ambare! The trailer looks like it’ll be an okay watch. I wanted to see more so I checked out a song from the film called Yo Mann Ma Hamesha and I was left utterly confused. It’s very LOL material. The upbeat track which features Saugat Malla and Priyanka Karki has been filmed in a studio throughout and I wonder what the reason behind that decision was because it does not look nice at all. It screams – basic. When I watched the trailer I kind of wanted to go see it but after watching the video whatever little expectations I had has come crashing down. Like… I wonder what made the makers think’ “oh ho this video looks good, darshak will lobh it”, maybe I am being harsh… maybe you guys will like it? Hmm.

Saugat Malla is one of the finest actors we have but he seems to be making quite a lot of funky decisions regarding films and the type of characters he plays. It’ll be interesting to see how he delivers in Shree 5 Ambare! The film also stars Keki Adhikari and Yama Buddha. Shree 5 Ambare will be in cinemas across Nepal on November 21.

“‘Shree Panch Ambare’ is absolutely a social movie based on different groups of our social which is presented by Jibansathi Films & Directed by Dipa Basnet. This movie not only provides entertainment but also reflects our social culture before the people. In every field, at least one of the man is found as if he is the king. Shree Panch Ambare is the story of a man who wants to be a king of his own field .”


Saugat Malla and Priyanka Karki
Saugat Malla and Priyanka Karki

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