Nepali Doctor Also In Australia’s Breakthrough ‘Dead Heart’ Transplant


Grabbing the headlines globally is the fresh news about Australian surgeons performing the worlds first successful ‘dead heart’ transplant. Doctors have shared that this new surgical technique may increase the number of potential donor organs in the future. Nepali doctor Kumud Dhital was also involved in this ‘breakthrough’ transplant. Three patients have received hearts through this new technique with two recovering very well.

“The heart had stopped beating, and instead of being chilled after removal from the donor, it was revived and kept warm by a specialised procedure to keep it beating outside the body until the transplant operation.

Normally, hearts are kept beating inside the body of a brain-dead donor using life-support, but this puts a time limit on how long they can be kept as the organs can soon deteriorate, especially when they stop beating after they are removed.” Steve Connor – The Independent 

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