Chitwan Break For Prabal Gurung!

Instagram: prabalgurung
Instagram: prabalgurung

Instagram: prabalgurung
Instagram: prabalgurung

Instagram: prabalgurung
Instagram: prabalgurung

So Prabal Gurung is the latest celebrity visiting Chitwan National Park! The designer took to his Instagram to share updates of his journey to Chitwan by sharing photos of the natural surroundings, a snap with an elephant ‘Roopkali’ and his flight with Yeti Airlines. Gurung is currently staying at the Kasara Resort. He will be leaving Nepal very soon.

Here’s to hoping that Chitwan and the surroundings inspire Prabal Gurung for his next collection! Maybe something that fuses the Tharu fashion, Chitwan’s colours and animals. Ooooh! Lol

PS. Kasara Resort is the same place where the Tracing Nepal team ended their sixteen day journey! The final video is here so have a watch 😉 #ShamelessPromo

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  1. Prabalji, we hope you did not ride that elephant…:)

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    Elephants are highly intelligent animals with complex emotions and social bonds. The above experiences can leave them traumatized, and highly unpredictable.

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