Watch INFA AWARD 2014 Here!

The first ever International Nepali Film Award is now on YouTube!!

I just watched the performances and they’re okay… The dance performances from the INFA Award Announcement in Kathmandu was a lot better because it felt like a stage-show, especially with the back-up dancers and all. Several local artists from Hong Kong also got the opportunity to perform at the INFA Award. They should really think about doing this here in Kathmandu – make it grand – invite everyone – and – promote it like how Shah Rukh Khan promotes his films.

Malina Joshi and Anoop Bikram Shahi look wonderful! Wish we could see more of their performance. The How Funny promotion on-stage was pretty good; clever marketing! Nandita KC, graceful as always! Upcoming actress Mala Limbu did pretty good!! Let’s not forget the performers from Hong Kong too; they were wonderful.

Mala Limbu!
Mala Limbu!

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  1. > Mala Limbu did pretty good

    Can’t agree here. It was nothing short of being utterly phenomenal. Amazingly mind blowing performance.

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