Prabal Gurung Attends Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s Birthday!


Instagram: prabalgurung
Instagram: prabalgurung

Prabal Gurung may have wrapped up his Nepal holiday but that is not stopping the designer from having more fun! After Kathmandu, PG headed straight for the bright lights of Mumbai. The designer has so far met with the Vogue India team, celebrated Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s 41st birthday and attended Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday/Happy New Year success bash!

We’re aware that the designer is a huge Bollywood lover and has spent many of his years in Mumbai! It must be an amazing time for PG right now, indeed – living the dream!! Oh and check out this super fun photo of PG with Deepika Padukone – the two celebrated figures last met back in May 2012.

PG at SRK'S Birthday bash with Deepika Padukone. Instagram: prabalgurung
PG at SRK’S Birthday bash with Deepika Padukone. Instagram: prabalgurung

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