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BLISS by Sakil Kunwar recently opened it’s door in Durbar Marg. The new make-up store is located near ZARA, along the curve towards Ghantaghar – right on the roundabout. The colourful logo and bright lights is able to attract any one passing by. The name Sakil Kunwar comes attached with make-up, beauty and celebrities! The young make-up artist boasts of work experience with Nepal’s leading event organizers, lavish weddings, media houses and celebrities including Rajesh Hamal, Shristi Shrestha and Malvika Subba. On a quest for a new challenge, Kunwar has launched his very first store BLISS by Sakil Kunwar.

I caught up with Sakil, who is a friend and an inspiration to ask about BLISS.

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So to begin with, can you tell us how old you are?

I am as old as Lex Limbu, 22.

Aha! At what age did you first dabble professionally with make-up or in the beauty industry?

I got my first training when I was 15, it was a short crash course for a few weeks. I had come to Kathmandu during my end of the year holiday from Singapore and I requested my parents to finance this as part of my co-curricular activity for the holidays. A year later after my “O” levels I moved to Delhi and lived on my own to get a formal training + internship from VLCC Delhi for six months before coming to Kathmandu for high school.

You’ve been working as a make-up artist and providing your service to magazines, models, events, bride-to-be’s, so what made you start your own business?

I get bored with monotony. I’ve been working professionally in this country since the age of 16… though I only started getting paid jobs at 17, things were getting mundane. When I was 21, I was at a dilemma to either leave for bigger opportunities or create my own opportunities here. I believe in possibilities, I do see growth and development coming along in this country. I want to be a part of this and establish an institution to anchor my place firmly in this country in however little ways I can.

Why the name ‘BLISS’?

Because my work is my retreat, I love my work. I get anxious when I am not working thinking that I am losing out on something. I am at my best elements while working hence being at a blissful state of mind. Bliss is an expression of who I am.

What are the essential products currently available at BLISS and the range of price?

For now, we are promoting a Danish cosmetic/skin care brand GOSH cosmetics, which range from NRS 750 to NRS 2600. Along with it, professional hair styling tools by GAMA Professional pricing from NRS 2750 to NRS 10,000. My own range of hand made eyelashes selling for NRS 650 which I will soon re-launch under BLISS.  In context to the Nepalese market, this is a slightly more costly product range for the general buyers but we are focused on advocating the benefits of purchasing better quality product which is just a little more to what buyers are used to spending.

What do you hope to provide in the future?

I would like to add a whole range of a different cosmetic brand which has a different price range to that of Gosh Cosmetics to provide more options for the customers.

I have gotten my #blissartistes trained to provide a one on one personal grooming classes for those interested to learn personal make up/hair styling. This would be conducted according to the syllabus I have made which was tailored specifically for Nepalese needs.

Since my bridal make up and hair styles are very much appreciated, I will be launching my “Sushree” bridal make up/hair style trends for the bride to be. I hope to make this seasonal. My #blissartistes would be trained according to these bridal trends to provide a Sushree experience for every bride who wants the Midas Bliss touch. So secure your bookings and call now!

Your advice to those hoping to carve out a career in the make-up/beauty industry?

No matter what career choice one makes, work to satisfy nothing but your ego, which constantly tells you to be the best of what you can. Make sure that those dreams are big and goals are set relevantly to how much one is capable of achieving. Without hard work and perseverance one would never be able to achieve those goals and live their dreams. For me hard work is driven by passion, perseverance is fueled by aspirations to grow and learn.

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Finally! Three things that everybody needs to know about make-up!

– I believe make up is an expression of who you are

– Everyone is born beautiful. Make up is what makes us attractive.

– Make up is a lifestyle.

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