Former King Gyanendra Visits Barahi Jungle Lodge!

Barahi-Jungle-Lodge-King-Gyanendra Barahi-Jungle-Lodge-King-Gyanendra-1

Our former King Gyanendra Shah and other members of the ex-Royal family were spotted at the luxurious Barahi Jungle Lodge in Chitwan recently. The Shah’s were invited to attend the elephant festival in Sauraha. Also spotted in the photo is the beautiful former Princess Himani! Well well well, looks like they had a pleasant time attending the elephant festival and visiting Barahi! Photo shout out to JUKSON.COM

PS. How awesome does the new VIP Villa look! Comes with its own private pool! Savvy!

VIP Villa!

Barahi-Jungle-Lodge-2015-b Barahi-Jungle-Lodge-2015-a Barahi-Jungle-Lodge-2015

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